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Maybe you’re a woman trying to balance it all, but feel like you’re failing and are ridden with “mom guilt”, maybe somewhere along the way you lost confidence in the woman you were made to be, maybe you’re stuck in the “comparison trap” and think you never measure up, maybe you think that beauty is what’s on the outside and not what’s on the inside, or you’re simply tired of putting everyone else’s needs first and want more for yourself. 

Confidence, Purpose, Meaning, Passion, and Finding Joy...

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How to Master Your Mind

Mastering Your Mind Today I want to talk to you about a subject I LOVE. I want to talk to you about mastering your mind. I love it so much, because for years, I struggled with disempowering beliefs. I battled

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How To Get Back On Track

Have You Derailed? Today I want to ask you, have your goals completely derailed already in the New Year? Let me know – how are your resolutions going? How is your one word going? I did a post about that

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