You Have Absolutely Nothing to Prove 

You have nothing to prove to anybody, absolutely nothing. You don’t need to prove that you are worthy or that you should be loved.

Recently I was taking some time alone  in the morning because I had some decisions to make. I needed some clarity and the words that came into my heart were the phrase, “You have nothing to prove.”

It is wonderful when we can act out of a place where we are not proving ourselves to anyone. We will feel joy greater than we ever when we’re in alignment with our purpose. We will feel more at peace, and we will feel more carefree. We will be able to soak up the beauty around us, and we will be able to speak up with purpose. We won’t be so exhausted because we’re not worried about proving ourselves to anyone.

Here are three truths about the world:

Truth #1

We will always have someone in our world who is better than us at something: smarter, prettier, better athletes, better public speakers, better business owners or better bloggers. There will always be someone who’s better than you at something. Here’s what happens when we start to compare ourselves. We compare our worst to somebody else’s best. We compare our worst behavior, our worst look or our worst attitude to somebody else’s best behavior, look or attitude.

We start to experience this soul starvation, this need to measure up, this need to be validated, to be prove ourselves or the need to perform. When we do that, it’s exhausting. Your guidelines for your life are the only guidelines that matter, not anyone else’s. You are not a carbon copy of anyone else so there’s nothing to be gained from seeking acceptance. There’s nothing that you gain from trying to impress somebody. You can just get off the hamster wheel. You can decide to stop being a chameleon and trying to fit in and start focusing on living who you were born to be.

Truth #2

People will always judge us, maybe a little bit, maybe a lot, but they’re always going to judge us. Some people will always judge. There’s something going on in their heart that makes them blind to their faults and extra alert other people’s. You have to know this: It’s their problem. Secondly, people really don’t care as much as we think they do. I’m not talking about a spouse, parents, children or siblings. I’m talking about people in general. They might have a fleeting thought about your clothes, what you drive or what kind of house you have. They don’t care as much as you think.

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Truth #3

You will never please everyone. Only one person has the power to decide your worth and that is you. You’re the only person who has the power to decide what you’re worth. When you walk around in alignment with who you’re supposed to be, then you let things slide off you like Teflon. You’re so sure when you have nothing to prove that you don’t let words really affect you. They might sting for a little bit, but you know you have nothing to prove. You keep your head down and your eyes in your own lane, knowing that you have a purpose that’s completely different than anybody else.

You have nothing to prove. You don’t work for a title. You find satisfaction in the input that you do and not so much on the outcome. When you have nothing to prove, you’re going to decide to live it to the fullest. Cultivate friendships around you and find a tribe that gets you. You are the driver of the car; you’re not the backseat driver.

Putting this lesson into practice

You have nothing to prove so here’s the deal: Be your best friend and your biggest cheerleader. Here’s a little activity you can do. Close your eyes and picture yourself as a little girl or a little boy or maybe as a preteen. You are probably picturing a carefree person, someone who was very curious, daring or inquisitive. Maybe you spoke your mind. When was the last time that you thought of yourself the way you did then? With love and acceptance. When was the last time you thought of yourself that way? An adult, you have nothing to prove. You are just the way you’re supposed to be.

Have you had your desire to prove yourself affected you or interfered with your life? Share your thoughts in the comment below. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos. I would love to hear from you.


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2 thoughts on “You Have Absolutely Nothing to Prove ”

  1. Have listening to this tape several times , will continue to do so until I believe that about myself . I was 5 years old when my 2 years old brother drawn and I was told by an aunt that I was supposed to be watching him ! I know better now , she was the one in charge of us , but have struggle all my life with that guilt . I have not taken many wrong turns , instead , I have been doing all I can to be better all the time in all I do . I know I was a great little girl , I still have many of those charms , just have trouble believing I deserve the best of life . Thank you for helping me with this video . I will continue to listen to it until I believe it for myself . Blessed holidays for you and your love ones 🙏

    • Thank you for your note. I’m so proud of you for now recognizing the truth over the fiction/lies from your past. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you will truly embrace that you deserve the best and not leftovers/crumbs.
      Reach out to me any time.
      Merry Christmas to you!
      Love, Lynn


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