Why You Need to Stop Being an Approval Junkie

Do You Strive For Others’ Approval?

Today I want to talk about being an approval junkie, or somebody who constantly strives for approval. I like to call these people approval junkies. If I’m not careful, I can become one of those also. Here’s where this post came about.

Yesterday during some morning quiet time, while I was reflecting on a few things, I just had a feeling that I needed to check my motives. I’m in a season in my life where I only have one more year before I’ll be an empty-nester. Seven years ago, I got started in a business where I got to put my leader hat and entrepreneurial hat on. I started doing things I never thought I’d do before.

With this role, though, comes tons of ideas. I want to accomplish so many things. If I’m not careful, the reason for doing all these things no longer becomes that it just feels good to do it. It morphs into doing it for the approval of others. Can you relate? When we begin seeking validation from anyone else outside of our own being, we need to check ourselves and our motives.

Listen To Your Heart

There’s always something driving you and I. It’s just the way we’re made. If we’re not careful, we’ll constantly be seeking approval from everyone around us instead of listening to what’s going on inside our hearts.

Maybe you’re someone who is seeking the approval of a parent. Maybe you’re seeking validation from your spouse or significant other. Maybe you’re seeking acceptance from your peers or your boss. When this happens, we stop operating out of our true self, and we begin operating out of someone who desires to be approved more than they desire what’s in their heart.

You Are Enough

So today I want to be that voice of reason that says you are enough. If you’re a student pulling all-nighters to ace that test to get approval from your teacher, just stop. If you’re the first person to arrive at your office and the last to leave, not because you have a deadline but you just have a need to seek the approval of your coworkers, just stop.

If you’re working every day of the week just to get accolades from someone else, just stop. If you’re that person who must have an immaculate house to put on a show for others, just stop. If you’re name-dropping for the approval of other people, just stop. If you’re caring what other people think this much, just stop. Stop beating yourself up if you’re not rich enough, skinny enough, or smart enough.

Listen to your gut. That’s what was happening to me yesterday during my quiet time. I was listening to my inner pilot light. We all have that inner pilot light – that inner thinking of knowing what’s wrong. I want you to feel that pilot light and breathe it and believe it and know that you are enough. You are valuable just the way you are, you are lovable just the way you are, you are indispensable just the way you are. And you are perfectly imperfect!

Because You Are You

You are valuable not because of what you’ve done or what you’ve achieved either. You are valuable just because you are you. Remember when your kids were little and they would always ask why? And your answer was always “just because?” Well, you are enough just because!

That word “enough” is so subjective, though, isn’t it? Your definition of “enough” is different from mine. It’s so fleeting too. You know you will never be enough or have enough or experience enough or feel enough, ever. It’s too fleeting.

Reignite That Pilot Light

This post wasn’t necessarily 7 points on how to stop striving for more. Instead, it was me being that other pilot light so you can reignite that pilot light inside of you that makes you question why you are doing what you’re doing. Is it for the accolades from other people, or is it for yourself? Are you finding validation outside of yourself? Keep that at the top of your mind.

If you know someone on this train ready to wreck and you know they’re constantly striving for approval, share this with them. I love to pay it forward.

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I see the GOOD in YOU, even though YOU may not!



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