What Not to Wear

On a recent cold and dreary Sunday, I was mindlessly channel surfing when I came across reruns of “What Not to Wear” on TV. Remember that show? The one where Stacy London and Clinton Kelly helped seemingly hopeless dressers learn a thing or two about fashion and begin stepping up their wardrobe game. I used to watch this show religiously hoping that I’d also learn how to look “in vogue”. 

Apparently, I haven’t learned much since the show because yoga pants, sweatshirts, jeans, and cowboy boots are still some of my favorite go-to items of clothing. 

Don’t Be a Fashion Disaster

My sense of style isn’t all that bad though. I’ve learned something in recent years: how not to be a fashion victim. Oh sure, I’m a work-in-progress when it comes to trendsetting, but there are some “clothes” that I 100% know are fashion disasters and I don’t want to be caught dead wearing them! 

  • Jealousy. That green-eyed monster that wants to come out of me now and then. Ugh. Talk about a clash with anything I’ve got on. It just doesn’t fit my look.  
  • Resentment. Being ticked off that I don’t have what someone else does. Holding a silent grudge about something.  Definitely a big fat fashion no-no! 
  • Anger. Blowing my top. Huffing and puffing around my house because I’ve “had it up to you know where”. Nope. It’s not good for my look.
  • Unforgiveness. Refusing to give clemency to someone (or hand the clemency over to God) is so unattractive and so tacky and tasteless (think 1990’ shoulder pads-eek!). 
  • Superiority. Looking down my nose at others or thinking that “I’m all that and a side of fries too”. So cheesy. Talk about ruining a look!

How to Dress For Success

Want to dress like a boss? Go from rejected to respected all because of your style? No worries! You can look and stay beautiful all.the.time. That’s right! There are some classics that just never go out of style. 

  • Confidence. Have confidence and walk like an uptown girl (insert Billy Joe’s song here 🎵). Yes, you’re perfectly imperfect, but nothing can stop you from succeeding.  Confidence-wear it like lipstick!
  • Smile. Smiles are always in fashion. They withstand the test of time. You’re never fully dressed until you wear one. Personally, I think a smile can be the most attractive thing on a woman’s and man’s bodies. 
  • Humility. No fancy pants allowed! Cockiness and boastfulness look garish. When you know and act like you’re no better than the next person you’ll be looking classy and sassy! 
  • Determination. It doesn’t matter how many faux pas you make (fashion or otherwise!) no one is perfect so keep going. Mistakes can be the best teachers. Resiliency is in vogue and all the rave!
  • Inclusion. Don’t make others feel like an outcast. Treat them the way you want to be treated (the Golden Rule). Fashion rule of thumb: “dress” how you want to be addressed!
  • Integrity. Dress to the nines and show everyone you have integrity! Be honest and fair. Lying and underhandedness are kitschy and just plain unfashionable.
  • Loyalty. Commitment to your country, your family, your friends, your faith, and causes you believe in is ultra-hip, ultra-cool, and ultra-chic.
  • Kindness. And now for my favorite thing to wear. Drum roll, please. The #1 rule of great fashion: kindness.  Want to turn heads with your style? Be friendly, warm, generous, agreeable, and warm-hearted.  

You don’t have to dress in designer duds to be trendy and stylish. You can still have a passion for fashion whether you’re wearing Jimmy Choo shoes, carrying a Michael Kors bag, or just shopping the sale rack at TJ Maxx.  Be your own label. Be your own kind of beautiful. Life is too short so make every outfit count. Go forth and be fabulous!

I’ve enjoyed getting feedback from so many of you. Part of my morning routine is to read your emails and shoot back replies. So tell me, when it comes to fashion, what are some things that mess with your look?


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