Time Management Tip: The ABCDE Method

Time management is life management. It is really managing ourselves so that we can, in turn, manage our life.

In last week’s blog, I gave you a time management tip using Post-it notes or note cards. This week I have another tip for you. 

Time is irretrievable. Once it is gone, it is gone. We cannot get more of it, but we can decide where we spend our time. We can allocate our time to high-value and low-value activities. This takes a lot of self-discipline. We have to choose what to do first, second and then third. Or maybe not at all, especially if you are a business owner. We have to make sure we do things that will give us high results and get us a return on our investment.

We can ask ourselves “Is this the very best use of my time?” Sometimes we spend time on things that are insignificant. Who has ever scrolled through social media or cleaned out their office drawers? You get sidetracked doing things that are not of high value. We need to adopt a creative abandonment mindset. That is stopping and asking ourselves, “What am I going to stop doing so I have time to work on things that are really important?”

Make a list each day

A rule of thumb is making a list before you go to bed of what you need to do the next day. That way you don’t have to stop and think, “What do I need to do next?” 

ABCDE Method

Here is my productivity tip. I want you to use the ABCDE Method. Take your list.

  • Everything that you must do and they are of high value to get you where you want to go in your business, give them an A.
  • All the things you should do, give them a B.
  • The things that would be nice to do, give them a C.
  • The things you can delegate, you can pay someone to do, give them a D.
  • The things you can eliminate completely, give them an E.

If you have several things that you must do that day, put them in order like A1, A2, A3, etc. 

This tip will help you be productive. Once you have put things in order from  A to D and eliminated the Es, I want you to finish your As until they are 100 percent done. If you are working on something that will take days like creating a course or a sales page, that is different, but if you can finish it in one day, I want you to finish it to completion. 

Once you adopt this method, you will accomplish more things and will be more confident and more determined. Your self-esteem will be higher and you will be motivated to continue. You aren’t chasing all these things. You are focused.

“Procrastination is the thief of dreams.”Click To Tweet 

“Procrastination is the thief of dreams.” This quote is true. When we procrastinate and do things of lower value and not getting us closer to our dreams, it is stealing those dreams from us. Your dreams aren’t going to work unless you do the work.

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