There’s Room At The Top For Everyone


Have you ever heard the saying that when you are going through the hard times, you always find out who your true friends are? I am a firm believer in this, and I’ve experienced it firsthand! I’m sure many of you can relate.

I’ve overcome many obstacles in my life, and I truly believe that after all this time I’ve held onto the friends that are meant to be here – the ones who are supportive, encouraging, and understanding. We should seek friends that are going to make us be a better person. Simply stated…our friends should support us in anything that we do.

There’s room at the top for everyone, so here are some of my thoughts regarding friendships.


It’s unfortunate, but there are people out there who are legitimately threatened and jealous when they see someone else succeed at something. I’ve encountered a few of these naysayers along the way. Because of these types of people, I’ve also seen my dear friends give up on their dream because of the lack of support of their other so-called friends. It’s heartbreaking to me.

In the direct marketing industry, I work closely with women all the time. I love to mentor other women to help them achieve the success that I have had. In order to create a successful partnership and truly help these women, I believe in practicing what I preach and not playing king of the mountain. I fully believe there is room at the top for everyone!


Here’s the deal about dreams…dreams don’t cost you a penny, they’re free. Everybody can dream, so it’s just as important for you be right there to support your friends and their dreams as well.

Sometimes it’s essential to put boundaries around a struggling friendship in order to protect yourself. This is another instance where it’s OK to be a little selfish. Put yourself and your dreams and goals first.

Choose your friends wisely. Choose friends who understand that there’s room at the top for everyone. I’m in the business of personal growth, and in order to achieve that personal growth you desire, you must leave the turkeys behind and find the eagles in your life. Dream free dreams and soar.


Now I’d like for you to sit back and ask yourself, who is truly pulling for you? Who is there cheering for you as you push yourself to achieve your goals? Who is there encouraging you and catching you if you fall? If you were able to fit someone into these puzzles, then that person is a true friend who understands there’s room at the top for everyone. Hang onto them.

I began this journey having BIG dreams, but I never dreamed it would be this successful and fulfilling. I truly appreciate and value those who have not be threatened by my success, but rather have given me constructive criticism when it was important to do so, and who have been supportive and encouraging every step of the way.

There’s a saying I like to share with the women I’ve mentored that goes something like this…”It’s easy for us to push ourselves when we have people pulling for us.” Find those friends who give us the wings to soar like an eagle!


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