The Absurdity of Caring What Everyone Thinks

It is really absurd to care what everyone thinks. You have a plan, goal or dream and you are so excited about it, but you are worried and are caring what everyone will think.

Who is everyone really? Seriously. Name the people who you think really, really care what you are doing. Who are those people?

When you start to feel this angst and think “What are they going to say about this?” here is a great activity. 

  1. We can start by beginning to question your belief about your dreams or your goals. You might start to question yourself about your beliefs about money or your business. The bottom line is you need to question yourself. Don’t ignore it, question it. 
  2. Ask yourself, “Have I been a told pack of lies?” ‘Am I listening to that child’s voice from long long ago?” You hear in the back of your mind, “You really think you can do that?” “Are you sure about that?” “You have always been this way; I can’t believe you want to do this.” Are you believing the lies from long ago?
  3. Call your thoughts out as fact or fiction. Then pause, reflect, and reject the lies. The reflection allows you to not be numb through your life and accept what you THINK everyone is going to say.

Confidence is the willingness to feel uncomfortable things. Embracing this idea that it is absurd to care what other people might think or do, that is scary and uncomfortable. It takes confidence to feel that way. 

You have a lot to contribute to the world. You have talents, gifts, and strengths. You need to acknowledge your strengths. Don’t water them down or sweep them away. Instead of improving all the things we think are weaknesses, why don’t we double down on the God-given strengths that we do have? Embrace them! They are put inside of us for a purpose and a reason. One of those things is to share with others around us. 

Instead of improving all the things we think are weaknesses, why don’t we double down on the God-given strengths that we do have?Click To Tweet

Why do we have this default button that wants to criticize ourselves? When we look at a photo of ourselves, we instantly say, “Oh, my hair is a mess.” When we are in a group, we focus on the one person who we think is ignoring us instead of focusing on the nine other people who are talking to us. 

It is OK if people don’t like you or like what you are doing. Everyone has biases and they come from their own lens. We see what we want to see. The person who you think is ignoring you is also looking at it from their confirmation bias. We need to let it go. 

Rule of thumb: People are more concerned about their life than they are about your dream or goal. They may support you, but don’t give them as much power that they are thinking about what you are doing. 

“Ships are safest in port but that is not what ships are made for.” You aren’t supposed to hide and do safe things. Go out there and do big things. Set your sail and head out to sea.


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