Stop Wishing, Waiting, Pretending, and Blaming

Do You Love Your Life?

I have a few very important questions that I’d like you to reflect upon for a moment. Do you love your life? Not the people in your life, but do you love your LIFE? Do you love your job? Do you get excited to wake up and start your day? Do you have a PURPOSE?

I was recently talking to a client of mine who shared that her job just doesn’t excite or fulfill her anymore. She is confident that she has gifts and talents inside of her that can be put to a much better use. I thought about this for a while, and I gave her some very prudent advice.

I asked my friend why she was putting off finding true happiness. I suspected she was too afraid to leave her comfort zone – where she was bringing in good money and she was established, but at the same time she had become complacent. I asked her what makes her excited. What does she dream about doing? Whether you’re in an office, an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home-mom, are you using your gifts and talents that God gave you well? Or are you floating through live pretending to be happy?

Put Pen to Paper

Here’s what I’d like you to do. Get a piece of paper and make a line going down the middle. On one side, write what you are unhappy with in your current job and situation. Write down what is unfulfilling for you. On the other side, write down the things you love doing, and even some ideas about what you dream about doing.

I’ll share with you what I wrote on my lists several years ago. On the left side, I wrote that I don’t like a set schedule. I don’t like working with negative people who criticize me and bring me down. I don’t like a long commute. I don’t like to work with people who don’t align with my values and my integrity. Basically, making my list made me realize that I just didn’t see a future where I was before.

It really excited me to write down the qualities I love on the right side. I love to edify people. I love to encourage them. I love to teach, and I love to write. I love financial freedom. Although, as a side note, that is on the bottom of the list for me – as it should be for you – because when you accomplish the other things, the financial freedom will follow.

Don’t Settle for Mediocrity

One of my favorite quotes reads, “You are exceptional and bound for greatness.” You really are! Don’t ever settle for mediocrity. Don’t just make the best of a bad situation – change it! There will always be something to wait for. Schooling, getting kids through college, getting a promotion, etc.…but don’t just sit around and wait for those things to pass. Stop and make a plan now. Step out of your comfort zone and make a plan to do what you love in life. Life is too short!

I’ve heard people say before, “I just need to pray about it” or “I’m waiting for a sign from God.” While I do believe those are GREAT things, I also believe the Lord is just ready for us to start moving in the direction we need and want to move, and He will take care of the rest.

Come Up with a Plan

I’d like you to take a second now to think about your passions in life and where you can bring values to others. Stop having a scarcity mindset – stop being afraid and trust your gut. No more excuses about how or when you’re going to start.

As a parent, I can’t tell you how many times I heard my kids say, “I’m bored. I don’t know what to do. What can I do now?” I would always say, “Use your imagination! Put your brain into high gear and think of a way to change that.”

I’m challenging you to do the same. Be resourceful, and come up with a plan. It’s time for you to use the tools you have at your disposal, study your lists you just made, and start taking the steps to change your situation.

No More Excuses

If your response to my challenge is something along the lines of, “I just need to wait until…” or “I just have to make sure that…” I’m going to tell you to STOP right there. These are just excuses, and these are excuses that are getting in the way of you living life to your fullest potential.

I’m not saying you should go immediately quit your job or make a drastic move that you might regret. What I’m saying is that you should start making a plan to take small steps in that direction. Stop wishing and pretending it’s just going to get better. If you don’t make moves to change it, it won’t get better. Stop blaming the situation or blaming factors you can’t control…what you can control is your conscious decisions to start moving in the other direction. No more ignoring your gifts and that itch inside to make a change. It’s there for a reason.

You Are Made for Greatness

Making the decision to change the path of your life is a big deal, but it starts small – make that list, put pen to paper, and start making that plan. I can almost guarantee there will be things you will learn about yourself that will genuinely surprise you. You may not realize how much you have the desire for more. But you are not made to settle – you are made for greatness.

I’ll ask one final time, do you love your life? Do you love the situation you’re in right now? Or are you making excuses, wishing for things to be better, waiting on a change, blaming it on something else, and pretending to be happy? If you answered yes to EITHER of those sets of questions, I’d love to chat! I’m here to provide support and encouragement either way. Leave me a comment below or shoot me an email. Just remember – it won’t change until you make the first move.


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