People Pleasing Hides the Real You

A Former People Pleaser

Are you one of those people out there that finds it hard to disappoint others?

No worries if you are. Look around you. You’re not the only one!

There are many just like you. In fact, I’m a former people pleaser. Once I finally understood that I didn’t actually need anyone else’s approval to live my life, my way, everything changed!

Do Any of These Look Familiar?

  • Do you find it hard to say “no”?
  • Are you addicted to approval?
  • Do you have a low self esteem and a weak sense of self?
  • Do you see the good in others at ALL times that you are BLIND to their verbal, mental, or physical abuse?
  • Do you put on fake personalities?
  • Do you hold things inside of you?
  • Do you feel as if you’ve lost the real you?
  • Do others needs come before your own?

E. E. Cummings is quoted as saying…

“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are.”

He couldn’t have been more correct! It really does take courage to be who you are and not be so caught up with pleasing people at all costs.

6 Things To Do to Get the Real You Back

Here are a few “honey-dos” that you can do on the daily in order to stay true to yourself.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

You need no validation. Your individuality makes you real. It makes you who you are. It makes you stand out from the next person. Your uniqueness is needed to bring value to the world and fill a vacancy that only you can fill.

Ask For What You Need and Deal Directly With People

Your needs are valuable and worthy and need to be met equally with others. Begin standing up and standing out for what you want, what you need, and what you believe in.

Find “Your People” and Be Vulnerable With Them

You are “perfectly imperfect!” Once you truly embrace this, you will find it easier to be vulnerable with people, especially those in your close circle. Find your tribe who get your vibe, and love them well!

Let Go of Toxic People

Sometimes we can never fully see how toxic someone is until we breathe fresher air. It’s time for you to take a big breath of fresh air! Let go of those who are polluting it. They aren’t worth it.

Remember: the people in your life should be a source of reducing stress, not causing more of it.

Get Comfortable With Your Flaws

There is NO one in the world who is perfect, and neither are you! Your flaws make you unique. Remember…your failures are bruises, NOT tattoos!

Only Compete Against Who You Were Yesterday

Challenge yourself to be a better person than you were yesterday. Don’t compare yourself with others. Keep your eyes in your own lane, and continue on the path to your journey and your destination.

Don’t change so people will like you. Don’t blend in so people will like you. Don’t conform so people will like you. Be yourself, and the right people will love you just the way you are!

Have You Lost the Real YOU?

Have you lost the “real” you? Let me help you get her back!

Check out my newest course, Rise Above the Noise and Take Control of Your Life.

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I want to work with you to put your doubts, fears, and negative mindsets behind you. Please share this course with anyone else who you think might need to see it as well! Let’s lift each other up and support one another!


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3 thoughts on “People Pleasing Hides the Real You”

  1. Dear Lynn: I’ve read your first quote: ACCEPTANCE.
    over and over again and looking inside of me I am beginning to find and know my true self. Thank you so much. Love, Jean.

  2. Hello Lynn: I forwarded your e-address to a friend; she is interested, and questioned about Affirmation for Day#2. However I did not get that Affirmation, but I received that of Day #3. If possible, will you forward Day #2 to me please? Thanks. Sincerely, Jean.


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