New Year, New Goals

Reflecting on 2017

As I sit here on the cusp of a new year, I can’t help but think of how I want my 2018 to look! What things do I want to do? What things do I NOT want to do?

I no longer make vague resolutions that, in essence, are just things I use to make myself feel better and feel semi-accomplished. As a busy mom, CEO of my home, and business leader to a large team, I’ve realized that it’s imperative that I have a concrete plan. I can’t just put things on a vision board and expect or hope things will just happen. I know my goals will take hard work and persistence, and I’m up for it…bring on 2018!

God’s Stepping Stones

As I reflect on 2017, I know it didn’t go exactly as I planned, but that’s OK with me. I see the setbacks and roadblocks from the past year as stepping stones He’s placed in front of me as His protection of me and His all-knowing direction for me. Plus, I know from experience that disappointments can lead to the greatest possibilities!

I now see myself as an onion with more and more layers to discover about myself…personal growth happens in layers, you know. I’m actually excited about what will be uncovered next. There’s absolutely no cap on (or age limit to) how many times I can reinvent myself!

My Personal 2018 Goals

I thought I’d share with you a few goals I’ve got for the new year:

1. Saying NO more often. I’m a person who says yes a lot…yes to volunteering, yes to being on committees, yes to donating…yes, yes, yes. Saying no is like a muscle and I have to exercise it…the more times I say it, the stronger and more resolved I’ll be! Setting boundaries is a GOOD thing!

2. I’m unsubscribing to emails. This will take time (today alone I received 7 emails from companies marketing their time/goods). All of these emails drain me…they crowd up my head with info that I don’t need. If I want to order from them, I can always find them!

3. I’m minimizing and donating unneeded things that I’ve amassed in my home…clothes, purses, shoes (are 5 pair of black heels really necessary?), decorations, paperbacks, Tupperware (just how much plastic ware does one woman need?). A good purge always feels great, so I look forward to getting rid of some clutter.

4. I want to speak out loud an affirmation about myself (I am a warrior! I am worthy! I have purpose!) and conversely speak affirmations (out loud and written) to others as well. Let’s face it, this world is not our final destination. There are plenty of people in the here and now who will try and bring us down. The world needs people to add value to it and build each other up, and I vow to be one of those people!

5. This past year I found myself consistently using a planner to stay organized and on task. Little did I know that the planner would come especially in handy during this last week in December.

Here’s what I mean…I’ve been using it for “look backs” (LBs). I’ve been looking back on each day of 2017 and writing down events that altered my day (positively and/or negatively). Who did I have an appointment with? What phone call or meetings did I have? What events did I do with my family? Vacations? Cabin time? Retreats that I went on? What trainings did I do?

These LBs are so much more helpful than just me speaking “want-to’s”. They help me see what worked and what didn’t. What things enriched my life? My business?

Once I’ve looked back, I can look ahead. I can plan. I can “prepay” for things…retreats with my Mastermind group (filled with like-minded audacious goal setters!)…dinner dates with my husband (needed more than ever as we approach the empty nest season)…concerts with my son (we saw Tom Petty and Joe Walsh this past year, and it was an absolute treat for me to have my youngest all to myself for the night)…blocked off weekends at our cabin (just breathe time!)…coffee dates with friends (I cherish these because these are my friends who don’t just tell me what I want to hear…they know about my “baggage” and love me anyway)…coaching calls with clients (oh how I love cheering people on)…daily time writing down my thoughts for blogs (I’ve got a lot inside of this blonde head of mine!).

I’ll look at things that enriched my life and say YES to them again. I’ll also look at things that stunted my growth or affected me negatively and set boundaries. My LBs are truly a great way to reflect and learn what works for me and what doesn’t.

Setting Impact Goals

Another concept I’m introducing to myself in 2018 is making “impact” goals for my personal life and my business instead of typical New Years resolutions. How can I impact the world? How can I give to people instead of taking? I’ll stop talking so much, and I’ll start listening more to the world around me. How can I tap into others instead of only tapping into myself? I’ll set out to remember names instead of letting them go in one ear and out the other. I’m determined to have relationships that are deeper than a bird bath.

Typical resolutions just don’t work for me. My “resolving to do this or resolving to do that” rarely sticks, so I’ve already got accountability partners in place to check in on me. Some will even set goals FOR me! I’m hoping my “impact goals” will be something I can be much more successful with in the new year.

So what about you? What goals do you have up your sleeve for 2018? When you look back at 2018 on December 31 next year, what accomplishments will you have checked off your list? What regrets/lessons will you have learned? What will you have let go of? Write them down! Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear them!

Happy New Year, dear readers. Thanks for being a part of my 2017, and here’s to a wonderful 2018!


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2 thoughts on “New Year, New Goals”

    • Tina-Accountability Partners have been so instrumental for me in many areas of my life. I have 5 ladies who I travel with from my former church and they hold me accountable in life and then I have 3 ladies from my mastermind group who hold me accountable in my biz. The 3 ladies I just mentioned were ladies that I had no history ( we were strangers) with, but we’ve become great friends even though we speak on the phone/Zoom more often then we see each other face to face. Sometimes picking people you don’t know very well works out so that you can keep the call very focused.
      My suggestion to you is that you find someone who has similar goals as you do and reach out to them to ask if they would be open to AP calls once a week or 2x a month. Make sure the calls are matter-of-fact and on point and don’t turn into rambling conversations. You can relate to each other new things you’ve tried, what’s working, what isn’t, your number of reach outs, etc.
      I hope this helps!


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