Making Exercise a Lifelong Habit

No more eye-rolling and disgusted sighs at just the thought of making exercise a habit. It’s time to reframe it from something negative into something that you look forward to!

Everything Counts

Exercise doesn’t have to consist of sweating on the stair climber or treadmill, taking a spin class, or pumping iron. Everything can count!

Let me explain. Instead of taking the elevator or escalator take the stairs. Take a 10-minute walk around the parking lot at your work instead of remaining in the lunchroom. Do 20 minutes of gardening. Pull the weeds that have popped up around the mailbox. You get the picture…everything counts.

Focus on the Now

It’s going to take time to create exercise as a life long habit. So ask yourself, “What can I do now? You might now have an hour to run to a gym, but you may have time to squeeze in 15 minutes of walking. Maybe it’s just 15-20 jumping jacks, 5-10 burpees, or 2 or 3 pushups instead of a game of tennis!

What Do You Stand to Gain?

Feelings of I should or I must take ownership of my health tend to back fire or aren’t compelling enough. Instead ask yourself what you stand to gain. Telling yourself that “you’ll feel refreshed” are much more motivating than “I’ll avoid heart disease” or “I’ll lose ten pounds”.

Make One Change at a Time

Trying to change too much at once is usually a sure fire way to fail. For most people changing your diet, starting an exercise routine, tracking calories, and more is too much too soon. So, instead, incorporate new habits slowly so they stick. Break them down into manageable chunks. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? Our brains are hardwired for instant gratification. This is why many give up on exercises that feel like chores or we don’t see the results immediately. Our bodies are going to take time to respond and show the results of exercising. Give yourself some grace, keep it fun, and enjoy this new journey!

Prioritize You

Taking care of yourself is, in essence, taking care of others. Exercising shouldn’t be thought of as indulgent or selfish! When you take care of yourself you’re recharging your “battery” making you able to take care of others. Go ahead, give yourself permission to put you first. You’re loved ones will thank you for it!


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