Letting the Spirit of Thanksgiving Take Over

The Time of Giving Thanks Is Here

I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone. Thanksgiving is already here, and I truly love reading through posts on social media about what everyone is thankful for. It really puts me in the spirit. Thanksgiving is absolutely my favorite holiday. It’s low-key, family is everywhere, and it’s a great time to reflect on our blessings and be grateful for everything we have.

Praise Your Past

I’m very excited to be planning an upcoming course on confidence. Throughout my research for the course, I’ve been reliving my personal story of where my sense of confidence has come from. I’m remembering both good and bad times, all of which have brought me to where I’m at today.

None of us are perfect. We all have those dark spots in our past and probably a few things we regret. However, in keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have chosen to praise my past, keep the faith, and be grateful for even the bad times. Little did I know back then, but these dark spots in my history are what led me to finding a career I love and am passionate about. I’m so thankful for where they’ve brought me today.

Looking Back with a Clear Lens

I’ve often used the term “rear view mirror thinking” in the sense that we shouldn’t be looking behind us, but rather ahead of us. It’s important not to hold onto the past. You are not your past, but you can learn from it and move on from it. In that sense, having clear rear view mirror thinking is an important step in also looking forward clearly.

Our past can be one of our greatest teachers. It shows us what NOT to do; it breaks patterns that are not serving us well; it helps us grow and shapes our future. Everything happens for a reason, so when you look back at your past, I encourage you to try to be thankful for ALL experiences that have brought you to this point in your life.

Stones of Remembrance

There’s something called the “stones of remembrance” in my faith. Perhaps you’ve heard the story about the Red Sea parting and the Israelites crossing to the other side, and when they got there, the waters closed up around them.

There’s another story of the waters parting, but this one took place in the Jordan River. The Israelites crossed it, but this time when they were across, the water started flowing again. They were instructed to grab stones and build a monument. They called this monument the “stones of remembrance” to remember everything that happened to get them there.

This story inspired me to keep two stones on my front porch as stones of remembrance as well. They are a constant reminder to me to be grateful for my past, both the good and bad times, for they are all part of His plan and have shaped me into a successful, confident woman.

Beauty Comes Out of the Ashes

There is another saying in my faith that “beauty comes out of the ashes.” My challenge for you, as we’re in this season of Thanksgiving, is to reflect on how to be grateful for those things from your past for which you may never have thought to be grateful before. Grab some stones, stick them by your front door or somewhere in your home as a reminder of both the good and bad times. Show an act of faith by giving thanks to Him for allowing you to find peace through heartache. Look in your rear view mirror with a positive lens, and let the spirit of Thanksgiving take over.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers. I am truly thankful for each and every one of you.


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