How to Master Your Mind

Mastering Your Mind

Today I want to talk to you about a subject I LOVE. I want to talk to you about mastering your mind. I love it so much, because for years, I struggled with disempowering beliefs. I battled negative beliefs about myself every single day. I think it’s super important that you and I live our lives with deliberate, truthful thinking.

In reality, we are never going to really master our mind, though. It’s going to be an ongoing process. It’s not an event, it’s a process. But as you learn to master your mind, it will become easier and easier to recognize the untruths that are going on between your ears.

If you can master your mind, or at least come close, you will be able to live a life that goes from bleakness into greatness. And on the contrary, if you don’t, you’ll constantly be living in settling mode.

Confirmation Bias

Let’s talk about how you can live a great life. Now I’m not an expert in science, but I am a certified health, life, and business coach, and I’ve studied this extensively. I’ve also put it to practice in both my coaching business and my direct marketing business

Our brain filters our thoughts all the time. Usually those thoughts come from things that have happened in our past, or things that are just recent. Many times we grab onto these filters like they are the gospel truth. Then when events play out in our lives, and they line up with what you already believe about yourself, they start to be confirmed. That’s called confirmation bias. You start to live your life ready to conform to what you already think about yourself.

Here’s a loose example. Let’s say you’ve always believed you won’t be successful. You’re not measuring up to other people. And you recently find out that you did not get that promotion at work. So you automatically assume, well of course I didn’t because it just confirms that I’m not successful. That I don’t measure up. Our brain starts to confirm these happenings in our lives as the gospel truth.

Two Modes of Thinking

There are two modes of thinking in our brain. One is the default side, and one is the deliberate side. Here are examples of the default side, or the auto pilot side. When you wake up in the morning, if you’re like me, you just shuffle into the bathroom and brush your teeth and go into auto pilot mode. You don’t even think about what you’re doing.

We do that in our brain with our thoughts as well. We have negative thoughts on auto pilot. I’m a loser. I’m too old. I quit all the time. I don’t have confidence. I’m always afraid. I’m not a good friend. We have these default thoughts from things that have happened in our past, and we hold onto them.

But you and I, friend, we must be deliberate with our thinking. If we want to be ushered into greatness, then we’ve got to have deliberate thinking on our side. We have to get down deep and dirty and think about why we’re thinking those things. What made me start thinking that I’m a loser? What made me start thinking that I’m a quitter? Who told me that? Why did I believe that?

Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Get uncomfortable and ask yourself those questions. Ask yourself – what do I believe about myself? Write it down! You may have a long list, but then you follow up by asking yourself three questions. What did that belief cost me in the past? What is that belief costing me now? And finally, what will that belief cost me tomorrow?

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Use these answers to fuel yourself into change. Do you want to be holding yourself back while everyone else goes forward? Are you willing to do that? I don’t think so, because I believe you and I are made for greatness!

After you’ve done this experiment, you can say that instead of thinking A, from here on out, I’m going to set my deliberate thinking mode and think B. As you do it over and over, instead this good thinking becomes your auto pilot and your default thinking. It becomes second nature. It becomes the path to greatness!

Think Life Instead of Death

Why do I know this? Because I’ve experienced it! I’ve lived it out. I can now say that I’m so close to mastering it, and every day, I have to reset my thinking. I must choose to think life instead of death.

If you think this would help someone in your inner circle, or in your field of expertise, please pass it on. Let’s pay it forward and help each other out. I love paying it forward and imparting my wisdom and life experiences onto others.

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