How To Get Back On Track

Have You Derailed?

Today I want to ask you, have your goals completely derailed already in the New Year? Let me know – how are your resolutions going? How is your one word going? I did a post about that one word for the New Year recently. Have you been sticking to your plan? Are you staying on course? Or has your train completely jumped the tracks?

If you want to admit that you’ve already derailed, guess what – welcome to the club. You’re normal! So many people fall of that wagon in the first month of the year. Let me stop you right there, though, and say – that’s not going to happen to you.

We Are Too Critical of Ourselves

I have a few questions to ask you. Have you vowed to do better or be better or try harder? Only to find you are disappointing other people, or more importantly disappointing yourself? We can be so critical of ourselves. Why should we wait for other people to criticize use or beat us up, when we’re very capable of doing that ourselves?

We do that so often – we criticize ourselves. That negative committee meets in our head. We need to start saying NO to self-sabotaging beliefs! 

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You must understand this – nobody is perfect. We are all perfectly imperfect. Perfection is unattainable. You do not have to know everything. It’s unattainable. You do not have to BE everything. It’s unattainable. So if you want to adapt a mantra like I have, adopt this one…“stress less and give yourself more grace.”

Today is a new day. Today we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start again. Deal?

How Did You Set Your Goal?

Let’s talk about dusting ourselves off. Picking ourselves up. Getting back to that goal you set. Re-introducing yourself to that anchor word.

Our conscious mind is the one that sets the goal, but it’s the subconscious mind that is the goal-getter. We inadvertently make these outward goals, when it needs to be an inside job. It’s what’s going on between our ears and in our hearts that we must change first.

Let me ask you – how did you set your goal? Did you do it from a conscious level, or from a subconscious level? We must set goals internally. It’s our internal environment that determines and manifests our external environment. It’s a fact!

Who Do I Say I Am?

I have one question that you can ask yourself to get yourself back on track. It’s so easy, you’ll laugh, but we forget to ask ourselves this. It’s so important. It is – who do I say I am? In other words, what is my identity? What do I believe about myself? We must seek to change our inner beliefs before we change our outside behavior.

We often say these three words and get them backwards. We say have – do – be. For example, if I had (blank), I could be (blank). If I was skinnier, I would be happy. If I had more money, I could be happy. If I got a promotion, I would be successful.

But we get those words backwards. Instead it should be, be – do – have. Who do I need to BE to get or have (blank)? Who do I need to BELIEVE I am to get (blank)? I need to know and believe I am capable to get that promotion. I need to believe that I am significant enough to advance. I need to believe that I am a beautiful person no matter what in order to lose the weight.

Change the order of those words, adjust your mindset, and I promise you will attain your goals much easier. More than anything, that one question has to be, who do I believe I am?

Stress Less, More Grace

To sum it up, if you have fallen off track, I want you to adapt the mantra that you’re going to stress less and have more grace for yourself.

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Today is a new day. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and begin again. Begin with that question – who do I believe I am? Do I believe I’m beautiful, or do I believe I’m fat? Do I believe I’m capable, or do I believe I’m stupid? Do I believe that I’m resilient, or do I believe I’m a quitter?

Some More Resources for You

I do posts on this subject often – your mindset, your belief about yourself, your purpose, your critical spirit, how to keep your eyes in your own lane. Check out some more of my previous posts or my YouTube channel – you’ll find lots of inspiration!

For my ladies – if you’re interested in joining a private Facebook group to boost your confidence, I’d love to invite you to join this group as well. We’re a group of like-minded women who instill confidence in one another, edify one another, lift each other up. And we’d love to have you!

If you got any value out of this, please pass it on to someone. Pay it forward. Tell someone it’s OK to have fallen off the wagon – but encourage her to pick herself up and believe in herself.

After all, I will ALWAYS believe in you!


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