How To Devote Time For Personal Growth

Get To Know Yourself

I want to know…do you set time aside to focus on growing yourself?

I was listening to the radio recently, and I heard a man talking about ways to improve your relationships. He said that it’s been proven that if couples take just 1% of their week, which is the equivalent of 1.68 hours, to sit down and have an enhanced conversation, their relationships improve greatly.

As I listened to that tip, I thought about how similar it is to have a relationship with ourselves and to get to know ourselves. Do you ever take the time to sit down with yourself?

What Is Personal Growth?

What exactly is personal growth? I see it as activities we do to improve our awareness and our identity. It’s what we do to develop our talents and our potential. It’s those things that enhance our employability. It can enhance our quality of life. It truly contributes to our dreams and our aspirations. And finally, it really can enhance our relationships with others!

Many of us become entrenched with the here and now. We just go through the motions every day. We have the habit of not wanting to be uncomfortable, so we stay in our little bubble. Our body wants to protect us, so we don’t want to step out of our zone and grow.

Chasing Dreams

I coach women all the time. I have a large direct marketing team, and as they join our business, they’re called to grow both within our business and personally. I often say, when you start this business, not only are you going to love what it does for your paycheck, but you’re also going to grow personally.

You won’t recognize yourself in a few months! When their stuff starts showing up to get started, I want them to realize that those boxes are filled with personal growth.

When Does Life Get In The Way?

Why is it, when we’re children, we’re so bold? We believe we can be an astronaut. We can be a singer or a ballerina or an artist. We believe in great things for ourselves! At what point does life happen? It takes over and slowly we forget to chase those dreams. Many times, the chasing of those dreams is personal growth in itself!

I came up with 6 tips on how to devote some time for personal growth, then I want to summarize why personal growth is so important.

Read and Reflect

1. Read or listen or watch. Read books, watch or listen to Ted Talks and Podcasts. There are a myriad of subjects out there. If you’re a perfectionist, there are books and podcasts on that. There are books on confidence. If you want to be a leader, there is information out there. You just have to find it and take the time to read it, listen to it, or watch it.

2. Reflect. If you take just a few minutes of that 1.68 hours each week to reflect, to sit quietly, to let your brain catch up with your body, and ask yourself…how can I improve? What did I do greatly? Where are some areas that I can improve? You hear me use the word introspection a lot – it’s so important. If you take the time you do that, you will grow immensely.

Role Models

3. Find a mentor. Someone who knows what you’re chasing after and someone who will support you as you grow. I personally have a business coach. I talk to her at least once a week, and she’s such a valuable mentor to me. She truly helps me grow!

4. Create a regimen. It doesn’t mean you have to be legalistic, but just have a system. Personally, I have to time block on my calendar. I need to know what I have going on during my day. I can be flexible, but I don’t like flying by the seat of my pants. I’ve found that having that regimen allows me to set aside the time I need for myself.

5. Find an accountability partner. Someone who will not always tell you what you want to hear, but they will tell you what your blind spots are and push you. We all need a little kick in the rear every once in a while. We need to be questioned and held accountable in order to grow.

6. Find role models. Don’t copy people, don’t lose your uniqueness, but emulate their success or significance. If you want to follow in someone’s footsteps, then follow their crumbs. Follow their hints of success. Use it as motivation to grow in the areas you’re seeking growth!

Live Up To Your Potential

We should all be living up to our potential. Don’t ever say this is as good as it gets. Until that last breath in your lungs, you have an opportunity to refine yourself and grow. There is more to you than meets the eye! We should constantly be evolving and growing and enhancing ourselves.

Have you ever seen those commercials that say, new and improved? Or the books that say, enhanced edition? That’s you! It ain’t over until it’s over in your life. This is your opportunity to take that 1% of your week and grow personally. You will love yourself and the person you become because of it. I promise, people will tell you there’s something different about you, and that’s a huge compliment.

Pay It Forward

If you got any value out of this, please share it with someone and pay it forward! I love the idea of paying it forward and sharing our wisdom with those around us who need it. Do you know someone who could use a little help growing and evolving? Or do you know someone who has helped you grow? Share it with them and tell them THANK YOU! Show appreciation for those role models in your life who have helped you grow!


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