How to Deal with “Mean Girls”

Leave the Antics Behind

Are there any certain topics that just get your blood boiling? I’m going to talk today about just one of those things for me. It gets me fired up because I have absolutely no patience for it – and that topic is mean girls. The haters in your life.

This topic, and those types of people, just drive me crazy. When are we going to stop this behavior towards one another? When will we leave the adolescent playground antics behind? Unfortunately, I think the mean girls and haters – and side note, I know it’s not always girls – but these people tend to follow us through life.

We’re All in Our Own Lane

Here’s why I’m talking about this today. I just got back from a whirlwind trip to France with some business friends of mine. We got to celebrate each other and our successes, and it was an absolutely wonderful trip!

On two different occasions, though, two different people shared stories with me about how they received messages – one just the day before, and one a few weeks prior –from so-called friends of theirs. These “friends” told them they were an embarrassment, asked them why they are bothering people, why do they go about their business the way they were. Just true mean girl actions and words meant to tear them down.

I have no patience for that. Why can’t we all realize that we are in our own lane? We’re all different from each other and all have purposes and gifts and talents unique to us. Yes, our paths may cross, but we’re truly meant to be on our own path. Do your own thing, but also, it’s simple – don’t be a hater.

It All Comes Down to Jealousy

Unfortunately, we have all probably encountered the naysayers at one time or another. They are the people who want to rain on our parade. They are the people who want to pop your balloon. They are the non-supporters. They talk behind your back. Most importantly, they are NOT confident.

If these people are talking to you negatively about someone, you can bet they’ll also be talking about you negatively to someone else. They’re doubters and skeptics. They want to crush anything you’ve built up. They want to destroy anything, and do you know what it all comes down to? Jealousy.

You are a direct reflection of what these haters could be if they were courageous and not so small minded. When you start to shine, they start to realize they’re not, and they will not support you anymore. Here’s the deal – they just know they’re not as courageous as YOU are. They might not say it, but they know it.

Unfortunately these naysayers can be great friends, family members, or longtime friends you thought you were close to. I don’t mean to say that you should always look over your shoulder and think everyone is like that, I just want you to know it will be fine, because there will always be those people in your life.

So What Can We Do?

What to do when you encounter these people? You should, first and foremost, realize that person is uneducated and ignorant to what you’re doing. They don’t know the full story, and they’ll be quick to judge because of it.

You can also let them be, ignore it, and still go out and shine and be successful. Be the best you can be, and let them watch you and be jealous.

You must always remember your dreams. You must remember why you started what you started in the first place. You don’t need their approval. Be 100% unapologetically you.

Go to bed at night knowing you’re the same you’ve always been. Keep your focus. Don’t change, and if you do, change for good. Don’t go to bed feeling guilty for anything. Have a Teflon exterior, let it go, and be the best YOU that you can be. That’s it. Don’t answer to anybody.

Never Run Out of Energy

I’ll end this like I usually do, with a quote that I read – which is really what inspired me to do this post in the first place…

“Learn to use criticism as a fuel, and you will never run out of energy.”

If you’ve recently been bummed out or hurt like my friends were – and trust me, I know it hurts when people treat you that way – I just wanted to reiterate that people are always going to talk about you and be jealous, because you are a reflection of what they could be.

This is one subject that just gets me riled up, so thanks for letting me vent about it. If you know someone who is struggling or hurt because of other people, please send this to them. Let them know they’re not alone. Show them the support they deserve. Just be KIND!


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