How to Create a Positive Domino Effect

Create That Domino Effect

Today, during this week after Thanksgiving, I want to talk to you about Giving Tuesday. I’m sure this is all stuff you’ve thought of already, but I do believe sometimes we need reminders.

Were you out Black Friday shopping? Were you supporting small businesses on Saturday? Or were you on your computer or phone for Cyber Monday? This year I felt really good, because I put a lot of thought into what I wanted to give to the people in my life. I think I’m actually finished shopping! Now I can go through the rest of the season really feeling things instead of being numb to them.

Sometimes we can be on that hamster wheel in December and we really forget what it means to celebrate this holiday. So I wanted to talk to you today about what we can give each other without getting our Venmo set up, our checkbook out, our credit cards maxed out, etc. This costs nothing! And, the best part is, it creates a domino effect.

We Are Made for Greatness

Did you know that you and I were made for greatness? We are not made for mediocrity or to settle. We are made for greatness, and we are created powerfully. We may not always feel powerful, but we are!

We are so powerful, even though we don’t realize it – our words are powerful, as we can say both beautiful and ugly things. Our actions can be powerful , as we can do great things and truly mean things. Our thoughts are powerful, as we can think wonderful thoughts or we can think awful thoughts about others and ourselves.

You and I don’t live in a vacuum. Do you know what I mean by this? Let me explain. It simply means that you and I do not live in total isolation. We have interactions all the time with people, and our actions affect everyone. We may not see that they do, but they can have a domino effect or a butterfly effect. Have you ever read The Butterfly Effect? It’s a GREAT book! Comment below if you’ve read it. It really speaks to what I’m writing to you about in this post.

So, you and I don’t live in isolation. Nothing we do happens in a void. We’re always connected to people. We live in this interconnected world – internet, social media, cell phones, etc. – and we are connected to each other like never before. Our lives are truly WE lives, and not just ME lives. We are just connected to everyone, all the time.

Everything Is A Domino Effect

So what does this have to do with Giving Tuesday, you ask? Well, think about it. When you and I are crabby, that crabbiness affects other people. When you and I are spiteful, it rubs off on people. BUT – when you and I are happy, that rubs off on people too! We allow others to be happy when we are happy. They start to trust us more because we’re in a place of happiness and contentment.

The bad things can be a domino effect, but so can the good things! So this week, the week after Thanksgiving and Giving Tuesday, I think we need to be reminded. Let’s create a domino effect, a butterfly effect, a ripple.

My Challenge to You

When we smile, it makes other people smile. When we do random acts of kindness, we may not see it, but it plants seeds and causes other people to do the same. How many times have you been in line at a drive-thru and someone in front of you pays for your order? When we pay it forward, it creates a ripple effect. When we express appreciation, it creates a ripple effect.

When is the last time you have said that you appreciate someone for whatever reason? I’ve been working on this a lot, and I’ve seen the ripple effect firsthand from doing just that. I challenge you today, this week, this month even…pay it forward. Create that ripple effect. Let’s focus on rippling the great things and not the bad things.

Pay It Forward!

I’d really love to hear what you did for Giving Tuesday. Comment below and tell me about it, if you’re comfortable doing so. If not, no worries – just pay it forward by sharing this post with someone who could use the reminder instead. I truly believe in paying it forward and creating that ripple effect, in any way possible!



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  1. Hi, my name is Alla, I am from Canada.I really agreed about smiling and positive talk can made dominos effects. We even have buterfly Wednesday (we wear uniform with butterfly on it). I belive it change a moodto positive and smile. Some people said how can I be so happy every day, but it my comuflige from what happened inside me.


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