Beware of the Dream Killers

Hey Dreamers, Big Thinkers, Go Big or Go Homers, and Entrepreneurs BEWARE!  There are forces out to get you!

These forces may not come wearing an evil mask or be donned in a long dark cape and they may not be accompanied by a horror movie soundtrack, but they are there and they are out to kill, steal, and destroy your dreams!

I call these forces the R.I.F.s.


Resistance will come in the form of:

  • Self-doubt. Watch out! There will be mornings you will wake up and say to yourself, “I must have been crazy for assuming this idea/dream will work!”  Self-doubt will be lurking in the shadows ready to pounce.
  • Get ready because you will do everything in your power to put off making your dream a reality.  You’ll find reasons to clean your office, organize your desk drawer, alphabetize your books by title, sort laundry, meet friends for Happy Hour, and a whole host of other things that will take precedence.
  • You’ll be distracted like a dog chasing a cat.  Family drama.  Putting out “fires.”  Balancing your kid’s extracurricular activities.  You name it you’ll be chasing it.
  • Instead of taking a leap of faith and trusting yourself to fix things along the way, you’ll want to cross every single T and dot every single I before you get your idea out to the world.

Irrational Thoughts

Irrational thoughts will pop up often and try to snatch any belief you have in yourself. Thoughts like:

  • “I’m in way over my head. What have I done?”
  • “I’m too old/young to be doing this.”
  • “I’m not smart enough!”
  • “I’ll go bankrupt before I even make a penny!”

Friends and Family

When we think of friends and family we usually don’t think of evil forces, but as a Big Thinker, Big Dreamer, Go Home or Go Home kind of person, you must be wary of them because they will be lurking behind the shadows.  Admittedly, our friends and family rarely set out to squash our dreams, but if we’re not careful some will do just that.  Here’s what this force sounds like:

  • “Maybe you ought to be doing something that will make you money right now.”
  • “Don’t you think you need to be a little more responsible?”
  • “I’ve read about things like this. They look good on paper, but they never work.”
  • “That’s a pyramid scheme. Don’t do it!”

When dealing with these voices, remember that they are coming from a personal worldview and opinion and they don’t have to match yours.

These RIF forces aim to kill the song you want to write, the book you are close to publishing, the wild business idea that you’ve had for years, the podcast you’re planning on hosting, and whatever other dream that has been stirring in your soul.

You can’t let these forces win. Plant your feet. Hold your ground. Put your hands over your ears. Trust your gut and stay the course!

You can’t let these forces win. Plant your feet. Hold your ground. Put your hands over your ears. Trust your gut and stay the course!Click To Tweet

My friend, let your dream lead you. Keep scratching that itch. Stay focused. Keep your eye on the prize. Pursue your passion and purpose like it’s your responsibility (because it is!). Have a determined “oh yeah, just watch me!” attitude, and, above all, keep moving forward and show ‘em what you got!

Remember this, I’m behind you. I believe in you. And I can’t wait to see all that you accomplish.


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1 thought on “Beware of the Dream Killers”

  1. I surely do appreciate your concern for me Lynn. I have just started journaling for my first book. I know I can do it. Presently I am surrounded by enemies and I find that I lose sleep. I do a lot of praying and don’t intend to stop; for I am confident of my will and strength. I know what I plan to write will take much time. Nevertheless I have to do it.
    Thank you so much. Goodnight.


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