Don’t Let Doing Scary Things Scare You

My thoughts on doing scary things…

Maybe not always seeing the BIG PICTURE is a part of the plan

Maybe barely seeing what’s a few feet in front of us is part of the process

Maybe questioning our ability is part of growing.

If we knew what was going to happen in the next hour, day, week, or month we’d have the gift of clairvoyance, right?

I don’t know about you, but if I was constantly privy to what’s going to happen next, I think I’d be in “freak out mode” just about every minute of every day!  

Safety in the Unknown

So…what I’m trying to “say” is that sometimes there’s safety in the unknown. We just need to reframe our thinking about not having all of the answers. 

Maybe it’s not about seeing the big picture, maybe it’s simply:

  • stepping out of our “boat” with trust and walking on water as we read in Matthew 14:29 
  • doing the crazy unexpected things in the world around us because we know that possibilities are endless
  • attempting to do things we’d never in a million years think we could because we are stronger than we think
  • staying focused on our goals and then trusting that things will work out
  • stepping beyond our comfort zone because the world is too big of a place to become complacent
  • doing things that go against the grain and not following the status quo
  • moving beyond our current circumstances instead of feeling sorry for ourselves
  • keeping our eyes on the prize and getting out of our own way
  • doing the next right deed because it’s the right thing to do
  • saying the next right thing because the world needs love, not hate.

and we do all of these things without seeing where they lead, without having all of the answers, and without being an expert. We do them because we trust the outcome will be taken care of by Someone who has all things under control.

Scary at times, but always worth it. 

Answer these questions

  1. What is something scary that you’ve gone through?
  2. How did you get past your fear?

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