Do This If You’re Tired of Procrastination

All of us are on lockdown, and we are out of our zone of comfort. We are working from home or working from places that are not normal for us. Today  I am working in a bedroom that is not my own. I am not in my own home and in my own office. I have to get laser-focused on my goals or procrastination and time wasters will get in my way.

For this reason, I wanted to share this time management hack. I think this is the best time to put something like this in place.

So here’s what you do: you make two lists every day: One is called your “get to do list” and the other one is your “do today list.” The get to do list are not necessarily items all of the same importance. Your list might include doing laundry, doing homework with the kids, playing Monopoly with your family, taking the dog for a walk and grocery shopping.

Whatever is on that list, move it out of the way. Put on it on your computer or a piece of paper and put it in a drawer. You can remove your get to do list from your brain so it doesn’t take up that precious real estate of your brain. You have got it written down so that you will remember it one day. It’s just not something that you must do today.

Do today list

The do today list is what I want you to focus on. Write the things that must get done on a three-by-five card or a Post-It note. A small piece of paper. Maybe it is reaching out to your customers, writing that next chapter of your book or creating a sales funnel for your next product. Whatever you need to get done today, write it on your do today list. 

This is what will bring you closer to your goals, but procrastination will not. Those time-wasters like online shopping or scrolling through the internet will not. This little three-by-five card will help you achieve and get the things done that need to get done.

Get to do today list

As for your “get to do list,” the reason why I call it that is it is a privilege to do the things that we put on that list. It may not be pleasant, such as grocery shopping or laundry, but it is still a privilege that we get to do those things. When we frame it like that, we operate out of a place of thanksgiving and gratitude instead of fear, pessimism and crabbiness, and we realize it’s a privilege to do those things. 

Fear and gratitude cannot exist together in your brain. They are not friends.Click To Tweet

Fear and gratitude cannot exist together in your brain. They are not friends. Fears will get us to think about our past, what went wrong and how we failed. It’’s also going to operate out of the future. What if I get sick? What if this project fails? If we come from a place of gratitude — “I am so grateful I get to work on this” — fear has to leave. When we do this, it will really allow us to be sensitive to change and what we can do in this world. Remember to write your “do today list” and your “get to do today list” and stop procrastinating on your dreams and goals.

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or coach and you need tried and true strategies to move your business to the next level, if you are tired of chasing that next shiny object, if you’re tired of trying all of these things but you can’t just put it together and it all doesn’t make sense, I invite you to join our Facebook Community. I hope to see you there.



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