Do Not Quit On A Hard Day

Subliminal Messaging

Last week I posted a quote on social media that simply said something along the lines of, do not quit on a hard day. I had so many people reach out to me and tell me it was just what they needed to hear.

Now, usually when I write something on there, it’s because it’s a subliminal message for myself! I needed that reminder at that time, but apparently, so did a lot of you.

That’s the theme of today’s post. Do not give yourself an out. Do not give yourself a free pass. Do not make excuses. Do not ever quit on a hard day!

The Road To Your Purpose

When your passion, your dream, and your skill all come into play at once, you can bet you are probably on the road to achieving part of your purpose in this life. You’re doing what gets you excited and what He has blessed you with, and they’re all coming together according to His plan.

But here’s the deal. Most of the time, those purposes of ours are not easy to achieve. So when the going gets tough, we want to literally get going. Human nature says, I’m out of here! I’m giving up. I’m waving the white flag and quitting. I don’t want to be rejected anymore or have a fear of being rejected anymore. I don’t want to be patient anymore. I don’t want to do the hard things. So what do we do? We give up!

Burning the Boat

There’s a quote by Julius Caesar that says, if you want to take the island you have to burn the boat. What that means is, if you are going to do something, you’ve got to get rid of all the excuses that will make it too easy for you to quit or not take your island.

So my challenge for you (and remember I’m speaking to myself as well here) is to make things happen even if you don’t have a plan in place. I’m not saying to never have any plans, but there are some instances where we want everything mapped out before we will even start something. So I’m telling you that you just need to make things happen. Sometimes you just have to figure it out along the way.

My Course

Here’s an example. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but I recently decided I wanted to put something out there for the world to see. I found something I was passionate about and I wanted to offer it to the world in a course fashion. I did it! I accepted the challenge and I worked hard on it until it was done. I didn’t have a mapped out plan. I didn’t have everything figured out. But I did it anyway!

So part of that challenge to you, if you’ve got something in the works, is to make the announcement to your family and friends and those closest to you. Get it out there so you don’t have the chance to make excuses to not do it. Let them hold you accountable!

It’s like when you try to get together with friends and everyone keeps saying yes, we really need to get together!…but no one takes the initiative to actually schedule anything. So finally, one will say enough! Get your calendar out and get a date down, or it will just be talk.

That’s the challenge here. Get the calendar out, write dates, buy the ticket, make the phone call, schedule the meeting, buy that website domain, whatever it may be! Do things before you’re 100% ready, because you may never be totally and completely ready. Burn your boat if you want to take the island.

Something to Ponder

I want you to ponder this…how can you burn your boat today? What can you do today that will get rid of any excuse that you could make in order for you to live out that dream, that purpose, that plan? What boat can you burn today in front of the whole world?

I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a comment and let me help hold you accountable. Let’s burn that boat together!

If you got any value out of this, or if you know a friend who could use some encouragement, please pay it forward and share this with them. I believe in paying it forward and giving others the tools to succeed. Help someone else burn that boat too!


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