Distractions in Your Home Based Business

Distractions. They happen to all of us. They can show up in the form of your kiddos wanting your attention, your neighbor ringing your doorbell, the dentist appointment you forgot about, and many more. It’s not a secret that distractions can hold you back in your family and your relationships, but they can hold you back in your home based business as well.

Five Common Distractions

1. Self Limiting Beliefs

Let’s face it, there’s never a shortage of others cutting us down and projecting their own limiting beliefs on us. You probably know them well: The unsupportive sister, the best friend that rolls her eyes at your next exciting project, the spouse that gives you the cold shoulder when you ask him or her to show a little support, and even yourself! They come in all shapes and sizes.

The key is to put all of those limiting beliefs aside and call them out as what they are: LIES. Believe in yourself-it’s time to move on and get busy!

2. Success Envy

When we don’t keep our eyes in our own lane and our blinders on we can be distracted by wanting what others have. We watch Face Book and see the shout-outs for rank advancements, prizes won, pay raises announced and we can get jealous.

The key to stopping this distraction is to realize that you must never compare your walk with another’s. You don’t know their backstory, how long it took them to get where they are, or their struggles.

Comparison can distract us and slow us down our road to success. Remember we’re all on our own unique journey.

3. Disorganization

Can you see your desk or is it covered with stacks of books and papers? Do you have a clear to-do list or do you have post-it notes stuck in all sorts of places? Do you plan out your day the night before or do you “parachute” into it and hope you land on a target?

Distractions occur when we spend time trying to control the chaos around us. Consider out-sourcing some of the work. Invest in a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly planner. Utilize your smart phone calendar and alarms as reminders.

4. Overthinking Your Business

Trying to become an immediate expert in your field can be a distraction. Often times we get hung up on participating in trainings, reading numerous self-improvement books, and learning all the ins and outs of our company’s policies and procedures.

Take 20 minutes out of your day to listen to a podcast or read another chapter in a book or the P&P’s. Learn things in bits and pieces to keep your sanity otherwise you run the risk of becoming overwhelmed and distracted. Remember to simply earn as you learn and get busy. The details will work themselves out.

Now What?

Start by becoming aware. Distractions can pop up everywhere and if you recognize them and refuse to be sucked into them you’ll be able to carry on with your business and focus on income producing activities.

I hope this helps you. Drop a comment below. Share it if you got value. If you know people that have a lot of distractions in their life, and you know that this message can help them, please share it!


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