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Do Your Friends Hold You Accountable?

We all have different kinds of friends in our lives. Some we like to shop with, some we like to travel with, some we met through our children, some we work with, and the list goes on. I met a special kind of friend recently…an accountability partner. She’s the kind of friend that holds me accountable for reaching my goals, and I can get vulnerable and raw with her.

We’ve had some deep conversations about what we want to pursue in our lives and what dreams we have yet to fulfill. We began calling each other out and challenging each other. I love having a friend like her! Do you have somebody you can lean on and share your deepest desires and dreams with, who will hold you accountable and help you achieve them?

Is Fear Standing In Your Way?

I’d like you to reflect for a minute about where you’re at in your life. Are you at the point where you want to be pursuing more? Do you have goals that you can’t seem to meet because you haven’t found the confidence to do so? One thing I have shared with my friend is that since becoming healthier, both mentally and physically, I’ve discovered something so important about myself. I have more confidence, which has allowed me to stop marginalizing myself and to conquer my fears.

Every now and then, fear does rear its ugly head, though. Fear is such a terrible motivator. It’s INVISIBLE, in the sense that we can’t see it in other people as they’re walking by. Fear tends to paralyze us and make us procrastinate achieving those goals and dreams. More often than not, that procrastination is tied to FEAR. I’m not referring to procrastination in the sense of not putting a load of laundry in…I’m referring to making excuses and putting off your goals due to fear.

It’s such a beautiful thing to be happy with where you’re at in life. If you’re in that place, then consider making it your purpose to share that happiness with others and encourage them to pursue their dreams and find their purpose. Those that have a little itch they just can’t seem to scratch because they know there’s something more out there – be their accountability partner!

How to Find Your Purpose

So what is PURPOSE? You know by now it’s my favorite word. It’s even my license plate. Purpose will answer two things. Why are you here on this earth? What are you made for?

If you can answer those questions, then you’ve found your purpose! I believe that my purpose is bringing value to others. Many people, though, tend to go through life just skimming the surface of what their purpose is. They’re digging for something more. They just skim the surface and don’t take the time to listen to their heart. They operate on shallowness and are so addicted to the “ho hum” everyday motions that they aren’t able to find their purpose. Well, I’ve come up with some food for thought to help you do just that. If you need a little help figuring out what your purpose is, ask yourself these questions:

1. Have you ever felt this itch or something inside of you that you can’t quite put your finger on that you know you should be doing?
2. Do you feel like you’re missing out on something in your life?
3. Do you ever get envious or jealous of other people’s paths in life? Not necessarily their success or their material goods, but just wishing you were on the same path?
4. Do you find yourself saying “someday I’m going to do that?” Do you make excuses and take the “someday” attitude about achieving your goals?
5. Do you feel stuck? Do you feel frustrated? That may actually be a good sign, and here’s why.

Contractions Lead to Something Great

I believe frustration is a good indication that you’re on the path to something good, that something better is coming your way. Let me explain.

I’m reading a new book called “Claim Your Power” by Mastin Kipp. One thing that resonated with me is that frustration is like a contraction for something greater that’s coming. Those of you who have had children will understand this metaphor – when we gave birth, we had contractions. They were painful and frustrating and we wanted them to be done and over with! But we knew there was something amazing coming at the end. Similarly, when you feel frustrated with life, let it be an indication that you’re on the path to something greater.

You can be guaranteed that you’ll come across road blocks and frustrations when trying to figure out your purpose, but you’ll have to find a way to tell your fears “sorry, but you have no control over me because I know I have a purpose!” Unless you’re in mortal danger of losing your life, just know the fear and frustration you’re feeling are like those neon signs indicating you’re going in the right direction. You know you’re on the right path; you just need to jump through a few hoops first to get there.

What a Difference This Friend Makes

The difference my new friend has made on me and my life has been profound. We understand each other; we can get raw with each other and hold each other accountable. My challenge to you today is not only to begin finding your purpose, but to find a friend who can help you reach it. Find an accountability partner who will keep you on the beaten path. And don’t be afraid to contact me if you need a little nudge – I’m always here!


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