Dealing With Our Own Inner Critics

Our Inner Mean Girls

Guys, this has been on my mind since I did the post about “mean girls” last week. Consider this week sort of a follow up! I want to talk to you about the inner critic inside of you and inside of me. Our own personal inner “mean girl.”

Here’s the deal, I often post things to Facebook or go live or write on this blog about how you are a warrior, how you are more than a conqueror – but the truth of the matter is, you and I can’t win the battle if you are your own worst enemy. We can’t win the outer battle if there’s an inner battle inside of us!

My post last week was about mean girls – people out there that judge us, are jealous of us, don’t support us, are critical of us…the truth is, those critics are secondary to the primary enemy we have to watch – and that’s the one inside of ourselves. Please know, I’m speaking to myself just as much as I’m speaking to you here!

How Dare You? Who Do You Think You Are?

Do you have something big on the horizon? Is your inner critic trying to talk you out of something? Do you have a nagging critic inside of you that won’t let you be happy about anything?

There are 2 things our inner critic asks a lot. One is… How dare you? Or… Who do you think you are? If I’m not careful, I’ll hear these phrases a lot.

Have you ever heard yourself ask, how dare you speak up? How dare you have an opinion about something? How dare you want to rise above mediocrity? How dare you step out of your comfort zone? How dare you start a new business? How dare you feel pretty today? How dare you shine? How dare you wear that dress? How dare you say YES to something? How dare you say NO to something? And it can go on and on and on.

We also hear, who do you think you are…by having a say? By creating boundaries? By wanting something more? And again, goes on and on and on with this too!

Do You Believe?

So I have some questions for you to ponder today. Do you believe that you are uniquely made? Do you believe that the mold was completely shattered and broken when you were created? Do you believe that you were created for great things? Do you believe that there is something inside of you that was meant to come out into the world because the world needs you for that?

Do you think that if you would rearrange your thinking to believe the things I just asked you, that your day/week/month/year or even life could change? Because I promise you, it could! And it all starts with silencing your inner critic and negative beliefs about yourself.

I have news for you. You WERE created for great things. The mold WAS broken when He created you. You ARE made for greatness. You ARE a warrior, and you CAN win.

Get to Know Yourself

Here’s something you and I can do to deal with this inner critic we all have inside of us. It’s not always easy, but is a solution to this dilemma…this mean girl inside each of us. It’s not as simple as it’s written, though. The solution is… taking the time to get to know yourself. That’s it!

As you get to know yourself, start questioning – why do I believe that? Why do I think that lie is the truth? Stop listening to that inner critic, because that person is going to pull out all the stops when you’re close to doing something you should.

As always, I want to leave you with a quote. I think the forces of nature really wanted me to share this with you, because I read it today AFTER I chose this topic. How perfect!

“To shy away from who you truly are would leave the world you-less. You are the only one there is and ever will be. I repeat, you are the only one there is and ever will be. Do not deny the world its one and only chance to bask in your brilliance.”

7 Daily Affirmations

The last thing I want to mention is, and I know you’ve heard me say it before – I was a cheerleader coming out of the womb. I love edifying people and cheering people on. Probably because I love it just as much – it’s my love language.

Well, I’ve created some MP3 audios in a 7-day format of me speaking out with daily affirmations. I know that every one of us needs to be affirmed, so I created these 7 days of affirmations that are each only about 2 minutes long. They’ll come right to your inbox if you want them. They’re completely free and something I had a LOT of fun doing!

But, do you think I did not hear that inner mean girl when I decided to do this? Of course I did! I took a chance and a leap of faith, because I’m all about paying it forward and helping YOU. So, if you got value out of this, please pass it on. Pay it forward as well! And please keep an eye out for more information on my daily affirmations!


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