Coaching With Lynn Schroeder

What’s Wrong With Being Confident?Absolutely Nothing.

It’s time to take control of your thoughts, your actions and your life. It’s time to live the life you know you’re meant to live.

Do any of these words come to mind when you think about your life?

Stuck. Confused. Zapped. Directionless. Lost. Jealous.

Or do you ever think thoughts like…

“I can’t go on feeling like this.”

“Why do things always wind up this way? It’s like I know better, but I can’t seem to do better.”

“I just don’t know if I can handle this.”

Do any of these words come to mind when you think about your life?

Stuck. Confused. Zapped. Directionless. Lost. Jealous.

Or do you ever think thoughts like…

“I can’t go on feeling like this.”

“Why do things always wind up this way? It’s like I know better, but I can’t seem to do better.”

“I just don’t know if I can handle this.”

If so, I GET IT! And I can help.

Hi, I’m Lynn Schroeder, Certified Life Coach, Network Marketing Professional and Formerly Not-So-Confident Woman.

Today, I mentor women from around the globe, earn multiple 6-figures a year in my network marketing business and love my life and all the people in it, most days.

But just a few years ago, I was in your shoes.

From eating disorders to unemployment to heart-shattering unexpected loss, I’ve been through the emotional ringer.

For years, my confidence and self-belief was at an all-time low.

I had almost no inner ‘compass’ or direction. And I didn’t value myself at all, which meant I was always (desperately) looking outside myself for acceptance and validation, not to mention looking (enviously) at all the “good stuff” others seemed to have.

My “wake up call” came in the form of a network marketing business. It was “the thing” that forced me to take a good, hard look at myself. It thrust me out of my comfort zone. And it required me – for the first time ever – to truly get focused, become (kindly) assertive, develop confidence and leadership skills and finally start believing in myself.

But no woman is an island, and I didn’t make these radical changes alone.

For the first time in a long time, network marketing provided me with #allthethings I was missing: mentorship, connection and sisterhood with positive, supportive people. I finally had others in my life who were willing and able to help me see exactly how and why I was always spinning in circles and repeating the same “stuff” over and over.

Since then, I’ve completely changed my behaviors and negative patterns. (I’ve also failed, backtracked and gone sideways…but thanks to having support in my corner, I’ve always been able to get “back on track.”)

Once I saw how dramatically different my life had become, I decided it was time to pay it forward. So, I got certified as a coach and put my focus on working with women who are having trouble navigating regular daily life and being (let alone loving) themselves – just like I used to.

So, here’s the thing: Change doesn’t happen overnight. My transformation unfolded over many years. But it can happen so much faster when you have someone walking alongside you to guide you, point out what you’re not seeing and be there with a solid shoulder to lean on.

And now, for the first time ever, I’m opening up my transformational coaching to anyone who desires to make changes in their own life – without trying to white-knuckle it alone. (Previously, you had to join my network marketing team to get anywhere near this level of knowledge straight from me.)


Introducing... My 8-Week Coaching Program

My 8-week coaching program is a one-on-one, personalized coaching program specifically for women who need help dealing with day-to-day life and navigating issues like:

(I can also coach and help with health and/or business.)


If it feels like you’re always just “going along to get along” because you don’t know what you want (although you do know you’re terrified to “rock the boat”)…

If you don’t feel like a queen walking into every room because you just don’t have much trust or belief in yourself…

If every part of your life feels like a “grind” with no real payoff at the end of the day…

And if you’ve ever even once conformed to other people’s norms just to “fit in” …

I’m here and I can help.

Here’s How It Works

In my world, life coaching is a collaborative effort between coach and client, where you (the client) keep your own power.

Translation? I’ll never tell you what to do.

Why? Because I’m not here to “fix” you! I believe you already know all the answers…you just might have a few clouds in the way. (Which kinda makes me a little ray of sunshine that will keep shining and guiding you toward your ultimate truth. Hey, I’ll take it!)

So, here’s what I will do: I will hold space for you. I will gently guide you toward deciphering what you truly desire and who you are at your core. And I will whip out every technique in my “coaching toolbox” to help you radically transform your long-held beliefs and stories – and therefore, long-held behaviors.

Oh, and I’ll also provide a deep level of support and accountability, so you can make the changes you need (or want) to make with more self-assurance.

I’ll challenge you (lovingly), help you stay lasered-in on what matters most to you, hold you accountable to what YOU say you want and celebrate your successes (perhaps with a virtual glass of champagne?).

“The good life” (or “living your best life” as the kids are saying) isn’t “for other people.” It’s available for anyone who is willing to do the work to get it.

Now, I won’t say coaching is an easy process, per se. But I will say if you’re willing to do the deep digging your soul has been craving, you can make shifts in ways you didn’t even know you could shift and finally start living a life you’re actually excited about.

Sounds like a fair trade off if you ask me!

Just  Imagine Having Support  To Shake Bad Habits Like...

What's Included


Here's The Thing I Hope You Really Get
About How I Got To Where I Am Now...

I’m not special. Anyone can make this kind of transformation. I’ve literally gone from an insecure woman who was scared of the world, scared to speak up and felt funky just EXISTING to a woman who leads a massive team with ease, launches her dreams into the world without a second thought and wears, says and does whatever she wants, all the time.

But what I learned along the way is it isn’t easy to transform in a vacuum (aka by hole-ing yourself up in your bedroom and downing self help book after self help book).

Because the truth? We don’t know what we don’t know. And we can’t see what we can’t see. (And no “book” can take into account our own unique life circumstances, quirks and insecurities.)

Sure, when we’re out living our lives….we might FEEL something is off. (Actually, 99% of the time we do – and you probably know it right now, or you wouldn’t be here!) But it can be incredibly hard to really KNOW what “it” is–let alone how to CHANGE it.

But that’s what I’m all about.

That’s what coaching is all about.

Together, we can untangle what’s really going on inside you and from there, work on changing the behavior(s) keeping you handcuffed to your current situation and preventing you from doing all the incredible things you want to do, feel and experience.

Still Not Sure? Here’s Just A Snippet Of What Coaching Can Do For You:

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Want To Know What Past Clients Have To Say?

Working with Lynn has helped me re-evaluate what is important to me and whether I am willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve what I would like to accomplish. Lynn has helped me structure my goals in a way that I’d never thought of before, helping me focus on the things that really mattered to me and how I could achieve them. My coaching sessions provided positive reinforcement, accountability and “aha moments” that allowed me to continually move forward in accomplishing my goals. She not only helped me to create a clear vision but gave me the tools to be successful. After working with Lynn, I felt more confident and able to see myself in a way I had not been able to do for a very long time.

~Jennifer Hagar


I love working with Lynn. I am finding, through very sincere
and gentle questions and comments on Lynn’s part, self love
again. Changing my behavior from negative talk to positive
talk. It’s not easy for me, yet Lynn is so loving and gracious I
feel myself relaxed and transparent enough to dig deep
within to open up to her and find the beauty within me. To
once again love myself enough to take back control of my
life in a healthy and positive way of living.

~Jill King


Lynn is always so encouraging. When I hit rough patches in my life or in my business, Lynn has a knack for turning my perspective around and, in turn, helping me grow and learn from them. She has a way of helping you see challenges from a different angle so that you can make a positive change and move forward. I can honestly say my life or my business would not be where it is without her!

~Jana Conover

How To Get Started

STEP 1: Fill out a quick intake form by clicking the “GET STARTED NOW” button below

STEP 2: Next, I’ll be in touch to schedule a complementary discovery call to figure out if we’re the perfect fit.

STEP 3: If it’s a go on both ends, we’ll cement our agreement with a quick contract and initial kickoff session. That’s when coaching begins!

STEP 4: And all the way through? We’ll name, claim and reframe any blocks, fears and stories that try to stop you. (Plus, after each call, you’ll receive an action plan so you’re never left wondering what to do next.)

Sound Good?

If you’ve read this far but you still have some doubts, I get it. It can be hard to admit we want or need help. Sometimes it can also be hard to believe that we deserve it.

But here’s what I need you to know:

You deserve to love and believe in yourself.

You deserve to feel worthy.

You deserve to live out your dreams and passions.


The real question is: are you ready to FINALLY believe it?