The How, What, and Why of Auditing Your Life: Figuring Out Where You Are and Where You Want to Go

I had a conversation with a banker friend of mine a few days ago and she mentioned her bank was going through an audit to make sure they were operating in line with regulations. Needless to say, she was working extra hours and was a little stressed out. The auditors were pouring over her bank’s … Read more

Overcoming Your Identity Crisis: Answering the Question “Who Am I?”

Playing games is one of my favorite pastimes. Aggravation, Sorry, Uno, Clue, Trouble, Rummy. I love them all (except Monopoly…ultra meh to me.) To kill some time on a recent long drive my husband and I played 20 Questions. On a side note, I was thrilled to be playing because most of our long trips … Read more

Take a Stand! 12 Things You Can Do to Make Every Day Count

I went to dinner with some friends a few nights ago and, not surprisingly since it seems to be on everyone’s mind, the topic of COVID came up. Specifically how COVID has changed each of us in a positive way. Although we each had a variety of answers, a common one was that the pandemic … Read more

Next Year People: Holding On To Hope

I’m a history nut. Learning about the past, how it affects us today, and the people that played a role in it is intriguing to me. Recently I sat down and watched Ken Burns: The Dust Bowl. What an amazing documentary! “It’s the story of heroic perseverance — of a resilient people who, against all … Read more

3 Reasons Why Mentoring Matters

I was hanging out with my girlfriends recently and as I looked around the room I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude.  When these ladies came into my life I was overwhelmed with juggling my roles as “mom” to three preteen boys, as “wife” to a busy business owner, as “taxi driver” going back … Read more

Want to Create a Meaningful Bucket List? Ask Yourself This 1 Question

If you look up the words “bucket list” in the dictionary here’s the definition you’ll find: A list of things that one has not done before, but wants to do before dying. To put it another way-it’s the things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’! Some people create a list of goals, … Read more

How Seeing Your Life as One Big Jigsaw Puzzle Can Help You

Now that the weather has gotten colder and my outdoor activities are becoming fewer and fewer, I’ve pulled out the many boxes of jigsaw puzzles I’ve amassed over the years. What a gift they’ve been during this time of quarantine. I had forgotten how much I love doing them!  Recently I discovered that I’m a … Read more

Letting Yourself Off the Hook (Without Making Excuses)

There’s no time like holiday time to come down hard on ourselves. We mentally beat ourselves up by asking questions like: Did I bake enough? Did I buy enough? Did I decorate enough? Did I spread “glad tidings of joy” enough? Did I make it ‘til midnight to ring in the new year?  Self-criticism. Self-chastisement. … Read more

3 Things You Can Do Right NOW to Make Your Life Slow Down

I’ve been on a purging-my-house-of-unnecessary-things roll over the past six months. I thought the timing was perfect to get rid of “stuff” now that my kids have left the nest, and I’ve been staying home more due to COVID.   Old hockey gear-gone?! Broken toys-gone! Out-of-style clothes-gone! Unread books-gone! Bank statements from the 90’s-gone! At … Read more

Living Your Life With the Future in Mind: 8 Ways to Get Revved Up About What’s to Come

Regret is like a one-legged duck trying to swim across a pond. In other words…regret is a big fat waste of time!  Some people mourn the past for so long that they miss the good stuff that could be right up ahead of them and within their reach. They waste time wallowing in self-pity and … Read more