How to Avoid All Or Nothing Thinking

What’s Holding You Back? Today I want to talk about all or nothing thinking. Are you familiar with what that is? I also want to talk about why that mentality will hold us back in our business, in life, and really…in everything. People who have an “all or nothing” mentality believe they’re either successful or … Read more

How to Have Difficult Conversations

It’s OK to Rock the Boat Today I want to talk about how to have difficult conversations. When I blog, it’s almost always because something happened in my life, and I like to use my life as lessons for both myself and others around me. Just recently I had 2 conversations with people who were … Read more

6 Ways to Stop Sitting on the Sidelines

Confidence Is Contagious Two times this past week, on two different occasions, I met some really awesome rock star women, who really inspired this post today. They impressed me SO much! One woman I met is in the last year of her professional position and has an opportunity to do something else. She told me … Read more

Say No To Self-Sabotaging Beliefs!

We All Self-Sabotage Today I have self-sabotaging beliefs on my mind. Why, you ask? I had the privilege about a week ago of doing some training for a large group of women, on beliefs and how beliefs can either usher us into success or they can hold us back. It was an honor and privilege … Read more

How to Deal with “Mean Girls”

Leave the Antics Behind Are there any certain topics that just get your blood boiling? I’m going to talk today about just one of those things for me. It gets me fired up because I have absolutely no patience for it – and that topic is mean girls. The haters in your life. This topic, … Read more

It’s Time to Accept Yourself for Who You Are!

Just Be YOU! Hey, girl! Yeah, I’m talking to YOU, my friend. I’m just wondering. When are you going to wave your white flag and surrender your desire to be someone you’re not? It must be pretty exhausting trying to be someone else all the time. When are you going to, once and for all, … Read more