The Danger of Too Many Gurus

The Next Right Thing Do you have a favorite podcast? I’d like to change it up a little this week and talk to you about one of mine. Emily Freeman, a best-selling author and host, has a series called “The Next Right Thing.” It’s all about helping you through seasons of transition in your life. … Read more

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Easter As A “Relationship” Holiday First, I wanted to say that I hope you all had a joyous Easter with your families! I also wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts and reflect on what the Easter holiday, and beyond, means to me. For years I thought of Easter as a “religious” holiday … Read more

5 Keys to Bringing In Peace and Pushing Out Chaos

Be Mindful of the Present Have your children ever taught you a life lesson that just stuck? I recently went on a whirlwind visit to see my son in Dallas. It was short but sweet, and worth every minute. Something happened while I was there that inspired this post. This happens to me often – … Read more

7 Things to Remember When Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice This week in Missouri and all across the country, high school students organized a demonstration in which they symbolically walked out of school to speak their voice and to garner attention towards a certain topic. Please know, before I go on, that this post is not about that topic. Their actions simply … Read more

The 5 Emotional Cancers

Don’t Let the Cancer Spread I’d like you to think for a second about your place of employment. Are you surrounded by supportive co-workers? What’s the environment like? Do you encourage, support, and help one another succeed? Are you united by a common business goal? There are many motivational speakers, business leaders, and authors who … Read more

Do You Like the Person You See in the Mirror?

Do You Like Your Reflection? How often do you look at yourself in the mirror and wish you were someone else? A friend of mine from the gym was recently talking to me about how dissatisfied she was with herself. She looked at herself in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw one bit. … Read more

Strengthening Your Mental Muscles

We Only Have One Body Did you know I used to be a teacher? I no longer teach in the classroom, but rather I’ve shifted my teaching focus to coaching and training women on best business practices, mindset, confidence, purpose and passion, and chasing dreams. I often find myself turning my own life experiences into … Read more