The How, What, and Why of Auditing Your Life: Figuring Out Where You Are and Where You Want to Go

I had a conversation with a banker friend of mine a few days ago and she mentioned her bank was going through an audit to make sure they were operating in line with regulations. Needless to say, she was working extra hours and was a little stressed out. The auditors were pouring over her bank’s … Read more

Stop Overthinking and Make a Decision! 5 Traits of Decisive People

What should I order off the menu? What shoes should I wear? When should I ask for a raise? Should I break up with my boyfriend? Should I apply for the job? I’m all about not being impulsive and thinking things through, but when it comes to decision making don’t overanalyze things or you’ll get … Read more

Overcoming Your Identity Crisis: Answering the Question “Who Am I?”

Playing games is one of my favorite pastimes. Aggravation, Sorry, Uno, Clue, Trouble, Rummy. I love them all (except Monopoly…ultra meh to me.) To kill some time on a recent long drive my husband and I played 20 Questions. On a side note, I was thrilled to be playing because most of our long trips … Read more

Not Guilty! 12 Common Things We Feel Guilty About Even Though We Shouldn’t

One of our sons recently started his second year of law school.  I love the phone calls I have with him when he updates me on what he’s learning in his classes. Call me crazy, but I love it when he throws terms like appeals, clemency, Habeas Corpus, punitive damage, recusal, malfeasance, and arraignment around.   … Read more

Take a Stand! 12 Things You Can Do to Make Every Day Count

I went to dinner with some friends a few nights ago and, not surprisingly since it seems to be on everyone’s mind, the topic of COVID came up. Specifically how COVID has changed each of us in a positive way. Although we each had a variety of answers, a common one was that the pandemic … Read more

Do Something For Nothing: Why You Should Give to Give, Not to Get

Our flight was delayed a few weeks ago so my husband and I found ourselves packed into a terminal in Memphis with about 100 other tired, hungry, and frustrated passengers. As I sat in a not-so-comfortable seat wishing I was anywhere but there I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation going on near me.   Man … Read more

Being the Best at Being You

I saw a commercial about the upcoming Olympic games recently and an embarrassing memory from college popped into my head. Here’s the CliffsNotes version: During my senior year of college, because I had already completed almost all of my core classes to graduate, I filled my schedule with mostly electives. And so, with no prior … Read more

The Importance of Living One Day at a Time

I had my yearly eye exam a few weeks ago. My eye doctor declared that my eyesight is improving. It’s nowhere near 20-20 but, considering that I’ve worn both glasses and contacts since seventh grade and often feel a little like Mr. Magoo, this is a big win for me!  Call me crazy, but my … Read more