Before & After: The Amazing Power of Our Transforming God

I love transformations. Before and after pics get me excited. Makeup, hair, gardening, home improvement-you name it! I love seeing anything go from outdated or just plain messed up to new and improved. While current hairdos and updated kitchens are great, I like transformations in people the best. Why? because I’m one of them. Keep … Read more

“Here There Be Monsters” and Other Useless Worries That Plague Us

When it comes to movies I usually go for romantic comedies (“Clueless,” “Moonstruck, “When Harry Met Sally,” etc.) so it’s a little surprising to me how much I love the “Pirates of the Caribbean” adventure films. I’ve seen all five of them – a few more than once! If I’m being completely honest, some of … Read more

Connecting the Dots: Charting God’s Presence and Faithfulness in Your Life

A few weeks ago I was browsing the shelves in my local “dollar” store when I came across a few dot-to-dot books for kids. I got a quick flashback to my kindergarten and first-grade classrooms from years ago. My students loved connecting the dots to “unlock” the hidden picture on the page. The directions for … Read more

‘Tis the Season to Slow Down

It’s December and that means mall shopping, cookie baking, gift-wrapping, family photo shoots, and tree decorating time! While this season can bring so much joy it can bring stress and a whole lot of headaches too. If you’re like me, you tend to rush through the coming days so you can accomplish all the things … Read more

Misplaced Priorities, Skewed Perspective, and Eternity Amnesia

I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot lately. Although I miss him like crazy I know, if given the chance to come back “here” he’d refuse the offer. He’s in the presence of the King and nothing tops that! As I write this my siblings and I are celebrating the four-year anniversary of my … Read more

Q&A Sessions (That Really Matter)

Have you ever taken a personality test? I have. Several of them as a matter of fact. People usually take these tests to help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses so they can become a better version of themselves. These tests give a person a greater understanding of what “drives them” through life.  In … Read more

He is the Potter and We are the Clay

I’m not a fan of winter. Except for the beauty of the occasional snowfall, I find winter to be drab, colorless and, quite frankly, too long. This past November, I added a little outdoor color inside while I “suffered” until spring. Thanks to Pinterest, I found some ideas to spruce up my house with containers … Read more

With Us

The Public Has Spoken! I’m a pushover for useless trivia so when the top dictionaries announced their word of the year I was excited to hear the news. The public has spoken and this year Merriam-Webster chose gaslighting (a gross psychological misleading). chose woman (an adult female person in case you didn’t already know … Read more