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Happy Saturday, Friends!

Are you satisfied with your life? I’ve been thinking…

If I’m not careful, I will live in a state of perpetually wanting more. Coveting the new shiny new SUV my neighbor down the street has, wishing I had a windfall of my money for a complete house makeover, whining about my job. My list could go on and on.

In the age of seemingly perfect “look at me! I’ve got it all together!” Pinterest and Instagram posts, it’s easy to want more, more, more.

I wonder if you’re the same way. Do you look around and want more than what you have? Do you feel unsettled because you think you are lacking in something? In other words, are you discontent?

There’s just something attractive about contentment. Content people have discovered that there is more to life than acquiring enough possessions to keep up with everyone else. They can smile in the midst of life’s storms.

Don’t get me wrong. Being discontent is not a bad thing in and of itself. If a person is content with everything, then what will inspire him or her to change? Contentment can easily lead to comfortableness or false pride, which can lead to stagnation. And, quite frankly, who wants that?

For clarity, this isn’t the point I’m trying to make for this weekend’s Good For Your Soul Weekend Must Reads.

I recently found a few blogs that helped me “head discontentment off at the pass” (the kind of discontentment that puts a “give me more, more, more” attitude inside of me) before it could consume me.

Friends, let’s you and I be satisfied with the material possessions we have and not spend another second wishing and whining and wanting more. Life is good. And, truth be told, sometimes less is a whole lot more.

Without further ado, here are a few blogs that I want to share with you…
I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.


How to Fight Discontentment in an Instagram Perfect World by Sarah Althouse

When You’re Sick of Being Discontent by Donna Jones

7 Ways to Feel Content With Your Life Right Now

How to Love Your Life-the One You’re Actually Living Right Now by Alexandra Kuykendall


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