Are You a Leader? Psst…Yes, You Are!

Let’s talk leadership for a bit! Do you consider yourself a leader? Are you shaking your head in an emphatic “no”? Or are you shrugging your shoulders in an “I don’t know” kind of way?  I get it!  I felt the same way several years ago when I fell into a leadership role and struggled with imposter syndrome and a whole lot of doubt in my abilities.

The problem with me, was that I was thinking of leadership in a Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerburg kind of way. After reading up and studying what leadership really was, I realized that I had what it took to be a leader.

I realized that leaders aren’t born they learn how to lead! You see influence and inspiration come from the person, not the position! This means we don’t have to hold a title, or have a bunch of letters behind our name, or sit in a corner office with a view. Every single one of us can be a leader.   

When you do your job with initiative and determination with the motive to make a difference then you are a leader. 

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  Maybe you are:

  • an office worker conducting yourself with integrity
  • a mother showing unconditional love
  • a friend lending an ear
  • a student tutoring someone who is struggling to pass a class
  • a neighbor lending a hand
  • a teacher encouraging a child
  • a clerk bagging groceries with a smile
  • a secretary lightening the load of others

Then you are a leader.

When you identify the gifts, talents, and your purpose and then harness those to better the world then you are a leader.

Here are a few telltale signs of a leader:


  • Work to make a difference…talk is cheap
  • Jump on new opportunities
  • Strive to inspire others to step into their greatness
  • Put their money where their mouth is and take ACTION. They walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Big belt buckle, not saddle.
  • Are quick to point out the good in others and not the bad
  • Build people up and not tear them down.
  • Encourage instead of discourage.
  • Make heroes instead of trying to be the hero.
  • Confronts problems NOT people.
  • Adopt TINY (Their Interest Not Yours) when it comes to clients
  • Influence not impress
  • Tell stories, not relay facts.
  • Give without wanting recognition.
  • Believe in doing their part in making a better world.

Each of us can be a leader in our daily lives.

We can make a positive difference whatever our title or position.

Leadership is shown by our everyday actions and the way we leave our mark on those around us.

You, my friend, are a leader.

Tell me how you are a leader. I’d love to know.  Drop a comment for me. I’m so proud of you for making a difference in this world!



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