Anchors to Remind You of Your Greatness

Bold and Beautiful

I did something way out of the norm for me this week – I got my fingernails painted red. Now that might not seem like a big deal to you, but I almost always get my nails painted with a French manicure or a pale pink neutral color. I never, ever get a bold color like red!

The reason I chose red is that they are one of my anchors. I am a health, life, and business coach and I coach women a lot, and we talk about anchors. An anchor is something that you throw off the end of a boat and it catches on the bottom and prevents the boat from drifting away.

Anchors are the same in coaching language. They are something that elicits an emotional response inside of you to keep your mind from drifting away from the important things.

I can hardly do anything without seeing my fingernails. They are an emotional anchor for me to remind me that I have big goals that I have set for myself. My fingernails are reminders to me that I can keep on keeping on and stay focused on those goals.

Ward Off the Negative Committee

Do you ever get this invisible negative committee that shows up in your head? You can’t see it, but it’s there. This negative committee, just when you think you’re doing something great, will stop you by saying “That was stupid!” “You look ridiculous!” or whatever else it may be to hold you back.

I’m not sure what yours sounds like, but mine has a way of working overtime. My red fingernails are my anchor to pull my mind back and say YES, you ARE going to do what you said! You CAN do it! You’re a resilient woman! You don’t give up!

So here are some anchors that I personally have, then I want to give you some ideas for anchors you can find for yourself.

My Personal Anchors

Aside from my painted fingernails, one of my anchors is my tattoos. Now I know not everyone is a fan of tattoos, but mine are constant reminders to me. No one else may know what they mean, but I do, and they are an anchor to me. One of them says “free indeed” – I know that the Lord has set me free indeed. Then I have one that says “Abba I belong to you” as a reminder that I am His.

Another anchor is my license plate. It says PURPOS. It’s my reminder that I do not just take up space in this world. We are all here to bring value and to make a difference in our world, and my license plate is a daily reminder that I have a purpose.

I have a huge chalkboard in my office where I write daily reminders and inspirational quotes, and that has been a great anchor to me, especially in my business. I wear t-shirts that serve as anchors for me as well. They say things like, Mind over matter, never give up, shake it off, pimpin joy, hustle, fear less.

Other Types for You

Maybe you are not a visual person? Maybe an anchor for you would be your favorite music that you love to listen to? Those songs could be reminders to you to stay on track. Or maybe a podcast or book on tape. Those are all other types of anchors I’ve used with my clients, and they DO work!

Here’s a fact to keep in mind when choosing your anchors. You are not your thoughts. I am the thinker of my thoughts, but I’m not my thoughts. Anchors work very quickly to change our thinking. So I’m asking you – what can be some of your anchors in your life?

Anchors can allow you to stare your bullies in the eye and ignore them. They can help you get back up and dust yourself off. They will help you to believe in yourself and know that you’re worthy. They will help you reject lies. They will help you to see setbacks as just temporary. They will help you to embrace the blisters that happen after you’ve been at something for so long without seeing results.

They will help you see setbacks as just detours on your adventure. They will let you continue to climb the mountain. They will help you see heartbreaks as opportunities. They will help you put one foot in front of the other and not give up. They’re the cure for your unbelief. They will help you not sit on the sidelines and blend in. They will help you rise up. I promise you, they will.

You Are A Badass

What are some things that the negative committee or the naysayers in your life are keeping you from? What are some anchors that can remind you that you are a badass? Paint your fingernails, listen to that song, write on your board, whatever you need to do. But find those anchors that can keep you on track.

My challenge to you is to decide what you want, and grab some anchors that will remind you that you are made for greatness.

If you know someone who needs a little reminder that they are destined for greatness, please pay it forward and share this post with them. I love paying it forward, and I love helping others achieve their dreams.


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