8 Truths That Make Girls Powerful

Girl Power!

Today I want to talk about Girl Power. Before I go on, please know that this really has nothing to do with the events of last week and the weeks leading up to last week from the news. BUT, I just thought it would be a great topic to talk about.

Some of you know may that I’m in a business where I coach a lot of women. My team is very large, and it’s made up of thousands of dedicated, ambitious women, all of whom I admire very much. Many of you also know that I actually am a health, life, and business coaching on the side as well.

Well I got a call last week from someone and I was so happy she reached out to me, but at the same time this particular call made me very sad. She reached out for some one on one coaching. Her first sentence was that she feels worthless and she needs help. It was so sad to me that she felt so powerless and worthless.

I did a lot of thinking about that call, and came up with this video about Girl Power. So let’s see if any of this resonates with you! If it doesn’t…maybe do a little introspection and ask yourself why you can’t say these things about yourself. So here goes…here are 8 reasons why you are powerful.

The 8 Truths

The first reason is this…girl, you know your value is not determined by what others think of you. Others’ opinions of you do not determine your value, because honestly, you are His cherished possession. You are one of a kind and uniquely made. There is no other fingerprint that is the same as someone else’s. You are so valuable that the world needs you! So, embracing that truth makes you powerful.

Girl, you are powerful because you know that inner beauty trumps outer beauty any day of the week. Yes, it’s great to look good and feel good and take care of yourself. But the best beauty comes from the inside. You know that in order to grow as a person, you must continue to grow on the inside. You constantly seek to better yourself. That truth makes you powerful.

Girl, you are powerful because you measure up. You know that your story is not her story, and her story is not your story. You are both writing your own story separately, your own chapters separately, and both stories will be epic. That truth makes you powerful.

Girl, you are powerful because you see your setbacks and your mess-ups as good things, and they don’t define you. You are a work in progress. When you know that truth, it makes you powerful.

Girl, you are powerful because you are a combination of femininity and strength, and you love that combination. You know what you stand for. You know your voice. You know what you believe in, and you will have a say in those things! But at the same time, you love to be feminine. That truth makes you powerful.

Girl, you are powerful because you know that comparison is the thief of joy. Comparison will steal any joy in your life if you let it. You are powerful because you don’t let that happen. You keep your eyes in your own lane. You keep putting one foot in front of the other. You know what your dreams are and what your plans are, and you continue to walk them out with your blinders on. That truth makes you powerful.

Girl, you are powerful because you do not belittle your worth. You know you are worthy, you know that you are unconditionally loved, and you unconditionally love yourself. You love your flaws and your mistakes. You know it’s not about what you do, but it’s about who you are, because you are a human being not a human doing. And that truth makes you powerful.

And finally, girl, you are powerful because you are kind, you are trustworthy, you do not judge, you do not look at other people’s differences, and you seek understanding. And that’s what makes you powerful.

Uplifting Our Young Women

Thank you for reading and hearing my message today. I think it’s such a vital message for young girls especially to hear, as they are in such a vulnerable time in their lives. They should feel more powerful. So if you can, please pay it forward and share this with someone young. Lift them up. Tell them these truths that make them powerful. We owe our young women of the world a big message about these things! Girl Power!


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