8 Traits of Resilient People

Resiliency Is A Mindset

Today I want to talk about 8 traits of resilient people. These are all habits you will find that resilient, gritty people have. I have the pleasure of working with 4 other women in my business, where we practice and talk about resiliency all the time. We have set goals, and we know what we want. We talk back and forth often about where this trait comes from.

Because of these conversations, I decided to put pen to paper and give you a glimpse into some traits and characteristics I’ve discovered that resilient people have. How can you be mentally fit with grit? It is a total mindset!

So, what makes up a resilient person? Let’s find out…

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

1. A resilient person doesn’t beat themselves up, because they understand that that’s a time waster. There’s no value in beating yourself up. It wastes your days away! The best thing that a resilient person knows to do is to keep their head down and moving forward.

Find A Support System

2. A resilient person has a wonderful support system. They’re selective about it as well. They know that they can drop their pride and ask for help. They don’t know it all and may not have all the answers.

But they’re selective, also, with who they do ask. They know that successful people leave clues, so they follow their clues, and that’s who they choose as their support system. For myself, I know who I’ll reach out to when I need help.

It’s a two way street too. Resilient people also give help to others. They’re willing to put themselves on the line for others, in the same way their support system does for them.

Come Out Stronger

3. A resilient person is comfortable with the uncomfortable. They know that whatever junk they’re in now, this too shall pass. After all, what happens when you’re uncomfortable? You come out stronger. You grow within that uncomfortable spot you’re in. it’s not always pleasant, but they’ll make it through.

Embrace Imperfections

4. A resilient person embraces imperfection. They know that perfection is not attainable. That’s actually a time waster as well. The sure fire way to get stuck in whatever you’re trying to accomplish is if you’re insisting on perfection. It’s not going to happen! You’ll stay stuck.

Now, that doesn’t mean a resilient person gives little effort. Not at all. It’s the opposite, in fact. They give their best, but they don’t wait around until it’s perfect.

Sense of Self

5. A resilient person has a positive sense of self and purpose. They recognize their gifts and their talents. They know their role in the world. They have a positive sense of what they’re supposed to be doing. They get their strength from within, and not from without.

Because of that, they’re able to deflect criticism that comes their way because they’re so sure of who they are and it makes them go forward. It helps them not beat themselves up. They’re able to embrace their imperfections. It’s a wonderful beautiful thing when you can get to that point!

Find the Positive

6. A resilient person is going to search for the positive. It’s not hard to search for the negative, as I’m sure you know. It’s all over the news. A resilient person knows that the positive news is there too. They look for the lesson in whatever happens to them. They know it’s there, and they’re willing to learn from it.

See Long Term

7. A resilient person looks at the long term view. They step back and they see the long term. They are prepared for the long haul. Rome was not built in a day. They know that their future is determined by their efforts today. They do what they need to do today, but they also know it’s going to take time.

Take Care Of Yourself

8. A resilient person takes care of themselves. They know there are stressors in the world, but they also know that they have to feel good physically, they must get enough rest and eat well, and that they need a fit brain. They need to be feeding themselves positive things, both physically and emotionally, and they need to continue to grow personally and mentally. So they feed into themselves to feed others.

Reading Material

I have read several books about resiliency, but there are two I’d really like to throw out there for you today. The first one is called “From Grit to Great.” It’s a really simple read. I gave it to my sons and some friends as graduation gifts. It really drives home that if you’re not gritty in this world, you’ll have some trouble!

The other book is “Man’s Search for Meaning.” I’m sure you’ve heard about the psychiatrist named Viktor Frankl, who was in a concentration camp. The book is his story about how we cannot avoid suffering, but we can choose how to cope with it, find meaning in it, and move forward with renewed purpose. It is a very moving, wonderful story about this resilient man and his journey.

Pay It Forward

If you got value out of this or know someone who needs a little boost of grit, please pay it forward and share it with them! The would would truly be a better place if we all paid it forward and shared our wisdom, gifts, and talents with one another more often.


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