8 Short and Sweet Reminders

Simple Truths to Share

I’m going to keep this short and sweet today, because I’m on an amazing girls trip this week. These trips are good for the soul, aren’t they? I feel refreshed and renewed already!

Anyway, I came up with some short and sweet truths to take to bed with you at night. They’re simple, but sometimes simplicity is a wonderful thing. Here they are:

1. Live in the moment and enjoy what you have. Let go of high expectations. I’m not telling you to not set goals or not expect great things, but what I am saying is to let go of these expectations that steal our happiness. We are always expecting the next thing and forgetting about the now, so we aren’t living in the moment.

2. You don’t always have to be a Miss Fix-It. I’m not talking about broken appliances or things around the house; I’m talking about situations and conflicts in your life. If you can fix the situation – great, but if you can’t, LET IT GO. Don’t stress about something that’s not in your control. I’ve done videos about this before, but it’s so important to remember that you really can’t control the uncontrollable.

3. Stop overthinking things. So often the problem is not really the problem, it’s the overthinking that we do that’s the problem.

4. I did a live video about this on Facebook last week – negativity and positivity is a choice. You get to choose what your mindset will be. If you want to experience joy, peace, significance, or success, it’s all in your control, and you control it by the way you think. You need to choose to be positive.

5. Say no more to the drama. I don’t have daughters, which may not always be a bad thing, because we as women tend to be dramatic. The guys in my house don’t sweat the small stuff at all. Let go of drama in your life. Don’t hold grudges. Life is too short, so apologize if you need to, take the high road if you need to, but stop with the drama.

6. Have a voice. Keep your voice. There’s a saying that if you don’t stand for anything, you’re going to fall for everything. Don’t give in, but hear the other side as well and be willing to listen.

7. I LOVE this one – talk to yourself positively. Tell yourself, I am worthy; I am enough; I am beautiful; I have a purpose; I am talented. So often the way we act stems from what we believe about ourselves. Start talking to yourself and be a friend to yourself.

8. I’m really passionate about this last one. Don’t hold on to old traumas. If someone has hurt you, the best way to get back at them is to shine. The best revenge you can have is to live well.

These are my 8 tips to take to bed with you. Like I said, they’re short and sweet but very important to remember in order to take you on the road to being a more confident person who brings value to the world.


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