8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Go to Bed

Bedtime Reflections

Do you do any introspection or reflecting before you drift off to sleep? Today I want to talk to you about just that – I thought of some questions you should ask yourself before you go to sleep at night. Now, you’re probably thinking no way – not another task before bedtime!

It’s so important though, and so easy. I’ve put them on Post-Its on my mirror. When you begin doing it over and over, you’ll just naturally start asking yourself these questions without realizing it. And they can be a great self-reflecting tool.

I’m A Work In Progress

Am I perfect at this? Of course not! I’m a work in progress. I don’t have it right, but I definitely do try to do some introspection and growing all the time. It’s taking a step in the right direction and trying to figure yourself out, and pinpointing why you behave the way you do.

So here are some simple, yet meaningful, questions to reflect on each night.

Life Is Short

1. Have you loved fully? That’s kind of a heavy question, but life is short. Have you told those people who are important to you how valuable they are to you? How your life would not be the same if they weren’t in it? How you don’t expect them to be perfect, but you love them anyway?

Have you loved fully and told those people how important they are? We are not guaranteed the next day! There is never a promise for tomorrow, so remember to hold your loved ones close and love them fully, before it’s too late.

Making A Difference

2. Have you lived fully? Have you taken risk? Have you tried new things? I love this quote: “If you are not willing to take the risk of the unusual, then you will have to settle for the ordinary.”

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Please know, I’m not saying you have to be rich and famous in front of the camera in order to live fully. But have you settled for the ho-hum and ordinary? I have news for you – you were made for greatness!

3. Have you made a difference? Have you made one person’s life richer? Did you stand up for what you believe in? Did you help or serve or assist somebody today? Even just one tiny random act of kindness! Have you made a difference in just one person’s life or in your world today?

Attitude of Gratitude

4. What’s the best thing that happened today? So, if you’ve been here for a while you know, I have a text thread with my 3 sons. It’s been going on for over a year probably. I never erase it!

Every night before bed, I make sure to tell them I love them, and I always end it by asking them for at least 1 great thing that happened in their world today. I’m showing them that the glass is always half full. When we have this attitude of gratitude, things get easier.

Here’s something to keep in mind. What we focus on expands. Are we going to focus on the negativity? Or are we going to focus on gratitude, and have that expand instead?

5. What could you have done better? What did you learn about yourself? Were you impatient? Did you frown instead of smile? Were you critical instead of being complimentary? Were you anxious about something? Don’t live your life on auto pilot…feel it! And more importantly, think about what could be done better tomorrow.

Focus, Laugh, and Set Goals!

6. What do you want your tomorrow to look like? It’s important to visualize this. What are your plans? Now, be careful…this could cause your wheels to start spinning…so don’t freak out! Sometimes, when we can take a moment to visualize and get focused before the day even starts, it is a very good thing. Take this with a grain of salt and don’t overdo it, but just start focusing on the next day and get some clarity.

7. What made you smile today? Laughter really is great medicine. Did you know that dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin are all released when we smile? It’s so healthy! You want those to be released, because they relax your body and lower your blood pressure. If you didn’t smile today, ask yourself why!

8. What moved you closer to your goals? Forward movement can be big or small. What happened today, even if it was just a small thing, that moved you closer to achieving those?

Live Life On Purpose!

So these are all questions to ask yourself at night. Why should you do this, you may be wondering? Well, do you want to live your life on purpose? Do you want to wake up from accidental living? Do you want to make a difference? I hope your answer is YES to all of those!

Get to know yourself. What makes you tick? What is your purpose in this world? I guarantee you, it was NOT just to take breaths, go through the motions, and then one day pass away. You are here for a purpose. You are here to bring value to your life. Wake up from accidental living, and live your life on purpose!

Begin asking yourself questions like this before your head hits the pillow. It may start out as a mundane task, but after a while, you’ll just naturally reflect on your day in this manner. And it will be SO good for you!

Did you get any value out of this? Do you know someone who would benefit from this type of introspection and encouragement? If so, please share it with them! I believe in paying it forward and sharing the wisdom I’ve learned with others. The world would be a better place if we all focused on paying it forward!


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