8 Mindsets to Help You Bounce Back

Mindset is Everything

I’m going to be your cheerleader today. I saw something recently in the gym that inspired me and inspired this post. I saw a woman hobble into the gym on crutches and proceed to start lifting weights. It made me think, would I be the person to stay active even while injured? Or would I take on a victim mentality and stay home and sulk?

I thought a lot about setbacks while I was watching this woman do her thing. I came to the conclusion that I would absolutely be just like her and wouldn’t let something stop me or hold me back. What would you do in that situation? Have you ever experienced it or thought about it?

Because of how this woman inspired me, I decided to come up with a list of how to have a positive mindset and bounce back with resiliency. Mindset is EVERYTHING, so if you are ever faced with a tough setback – and let’s face it, tough times will ALWAYS happen – I want you to remember these 8 things.

8 Mindsets to Help You Bounce Back

1. This is absolutely #1 on the list – you cannot have a victim mentality. Stop asking why this happened to me. Instead maybe you can ask, what could I have done differently? What could I have done to avoid this situation? What can I do to get through it? You might not have an answer, because sometimes things just happen, but instead of asking why, try asking what.

2. Stop blaming others. We tell our children all the time to stop blaming each other and to take ownership, so why do we as adults so readily want to point the fingers at one another? Don’t be a passive victim, but instead be an active agent for change.

3. Stop thinking what should’ve/would’ve/could’ve happened. Stop wishing for something different, and let it go. Whatever happened or whatever the reason was that you took the fall – it happened, so accept it for what it is and know you can’t change what happened.

4. Reach out to your friends. Lean on others for support. Believe it or not, there are people in your life who want to support you and love you and cheer you on. No man is an island, so it’s important to never be too proud to reach out and ask for help.

5. Choose to move forward. Don’t get stuck in the past, it gets you nowhere! Thinking about your own path in life, you can’t see what is over the bend or around the curves until you take that step forward. Even when you’re falling down, the way to be resilient is to keep moving forward.

6. Recognize and embrace your feelings. It can be detrimental if we try to hide our emotions. If you need to cry or scream, do it. Acknowledge your feelings. As humans, we are all emotional beings, and you should be able to express yourself instead of burying your emotions.

7. I try to emulate this all the time, and it could sound a little cheesy, but it’s important to have an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is the cure for what ails almost all of us. When you look at your situation, list all the things you could be grateful for and choose to focus on those instead of your problems. Start naming your blessings in life, and you’ll notice that unfortunate circumstance will start to become smaller.

8. Don’t listen to your inner critic, who will always tell you that you are a failure. Whatever it is, the inner critic’s job is to keep you stuck. Tell yourself that you are NOT a failure, and this is just a tiny setback. We all have an inner enemy who will try to convince you, but it’s a lie.

Just Pick Yourself Up

I hope you remember these words if you are ever faced with a setback in your life. There’s a little saying that goes, “fall seven times, pick yourself up eight.” Well, DO IT! No matter how many times you fall!

If you have another strategy that helps you bounce back, please share it! I’m a sponge and love soaking up wisdom from others. I also want you to remember that I’m one of those people I mentioned in number 4 – I am always here to support you and cheer you on!


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2 thoughts on “8 Mindsets to Help You Bounce Back”

  1. Good advice Lynn.
    I have spent the last year focusing on having an attitude of gratitude.
    When I fall, I always get back up.
    Faith in God helps tremendously too.


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