7 Myths About Network Marketing

Fact or Fiction?

Today I want to talk to you about some myths about network marketing. It came up recently when someone I met asked me what I did. I said I have two businesses that I love. A year or so ago, I became a certified life business and health coach, and I’m also in a network marketing business.

I could tell right away that something came across their face when I said that. I got this feeling that they dismissed me immediately. And that’s fine, if you’ve watched any of my videos, you know that I believe you and I don’t have to answer to anyone.

But because of that experience, I wanted to go over some myths about network marketing that I believe need to be laid to rest. So I’m going to list the myths, then offer the truth about it.

It’s NOT A Pyramid Scheme

1. This one is so popular that I’m sure you’ve already thought it. Network marketing is just a pyramid scheme. You probably knew I was going to say that! I’ve been doing my business for 7 years. It’s been a huge financial blessing for us. But, the first thing my husband said when I approached him about this, was that it’s a pyramid scheme.

I did some research and intelligently came back to him with some facts. Here’s what a pyramid scheme is. First of all, it’s illegal. It’s a company that has no products, and no services, but an influx of representatives. That is a pyramid scheme.

However, when you get into a network marketing company and they have quality products and services, and they are not majority recruitment based – meaning the bulk of their income comes from what they sell – that is NOT a pyramid scheme. Network marketing gets a bad rep when people automatically label it that way.

Same Opportunity As Everyone Else

2. The top dogs are the only ones that will make money. The reality is that you’re describing any job in America. The top dogs and the CEOs are the ones who make the money. There aren’t many minimum wage workers that will become the CEO of the company. I knew when I was a teacher I wouldn’t automatically become the principal or superintendent without putting in the time and hard work necessary.

In network marketing, though, it doesn’t matter when you come into the company; you have the same opportunity to earn money as anyone else. I’m a great case in point! That’s exactly what happened to me, yet I’m one of the top earners in the company. There’s an equal chance for everyone.

Bringing the Best Products and the Best Service

3. Network marketers are stalkers. They have this myth that they’re tricksters or like your crazy aunt who started this new business and just wants to bother you about it. The reality is, of course you can stalk people and bug them all the time, but you can be that in any industry.

That’s not the experience I have with the people I hang around with in my business. In network marketing, success comes from you helping another person get the best product and best service. Bringing value to them and sharing your services. That’s what it’s about.

4. Network marketers use people within their network. Wrong! I’m another great case in point for this. I have a large organization just shy of 5,000 people in my downline, and I use no one. As a leader, I invest time and knowledge into my team. My team’s success is my own success, so I want to cheer them on! We have every desire to see our teammates hit their goals just like we have for ourselves.

Your Network Will Never Cease to Exist

5. Network marketing will become oversaturated. Again, this is wrong. In fact it’s impossible, because the population grows so much every day. Your network will never cease to exist. If you think it will, you must know, it’s not just about the people you know – it’s those people that you know that know people. That’s what makes the world go round.

To sum that myth up, Zig Ziegler – such an inspiration to me and thousands of other people – said this: Do you know anyone that does not have a refrigerator? Do you think that stops GE from manufacturing refrigerators? Of course not. Our industry will never be oversaturated, ever.

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6. Network marketing just doesn’t work. That’s a myth. I was able to pull up some facts about this. Did you know that back in 2015, there were $36.12 billion in sales grossed in network marketing? If it doesn’t work, where are all those sales coming from? Also in 2015, there were over 20 million people in the US involved in network marketing. If it doesn’t work, why are all those people doing it?

What Does “Rich” Mean to You?

7. The last myth is this: no one really gets rich from network marketing. My answer to this is, first of all, the term “rich” is very subjective. Right? I could say my neighbor is rich, or the Sam Walton family is rich. What does rich mean to you?

I’ve been so successful in this business; it’s exceeded all of my expectations, so feel very rich. It’s been a huge financial blessing to our family, so I feel very rich. Sure, not everyone succeeds in this industry, but not everyone succeeds in all industries. There are people who have failed in all industries across the board.

I know people are rich in my industry when I watch them reach a goal. When I watch them pay a bill or a debt. When I see them fund vacations and extracurricular activities and sports for their families. When they have another stream of income to offset other things in their lives. So you make the call. What does rich mean to you?

Don’t Make Snap Judgments

So the bottom line is, don’t let myths or false beliefs stop you from intelligently considering a network marketing business. If you are called to look at one, don’t let the popular myths completely make you dismiss the thought right away. It’s not fair to the industry or to yourself. That blanket statement is just an assumption. That’s really a microcosm of life isn’t it? We shouldn’t make snap judgments?

If you got value out of this or if you know someone considering starting their own network marketing business, please share it with them. I’m so passionate about this industry and all the success it’s brought me. I want to see YOU succeed too!


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