6 Ways to Stop Sitting on the Sidelines

Confidence Is Contagious

Two times this past week, on two different occasions, I met some really awesome rock star women, who really inspired this post today. They impressed me SO much!

One woman I met is in the last year of her professional position and has an opportunity to do something else. She told me she wants a CAREER, not a job. She’s really taking charge and steering her ship and pushing herself to start a career that SHE wants.

The second woman, much the same, knew exactly what she wanted out of her life, what she would settle for, what boxes she had to check, and so on. I just loved it. They both exuded such confidence and knew where they wanted their lives to go.

I don’t know about you, but confidence to me is contagious. It either rubs off on you, or you realize you aren’t as confident as you want to be, and you start to think of ways to improve your confidence.

You Are In The Driver’s Seat

That’s what I want to talk about today – taking control of your life. You and I are really in the driver’s seat of our own lives. We’re behind the wheel, and if we’re not careful, life will happen TO us and make our decisions FOR us. It will move so quickly that it won’t wait around for us.

I have to let you know, before I go on, that I do believe in a higher authority. I don’t mean that I’m in control of every single thing, because I may be the captain of my ship, but I answer to a higher admiral. But I do believe that there are many things in our life that we’re supposed to take charge of instead of sitting back on the sidelines and waiting.

Taking charge starts in your mind. It’s a mental thing first. It ends with you taking ACTION. So if you’re ready to take charge in your life, just know that it starts in your own head.

Stop Sitting On The Sidelines

I believe there are 6 important things that you must do if you’re ready to take change and get behind the wheel of your life. And they are…

1. You have to, first and foremost, make up your mind that you are ready to get in the game. You are ready to pursue a dream. You are ready to do some changing. You must make up your mind and SAY you’re ready!

2. Your voice needs to be the loudest voice of all that you hear. You will hear from some well-meaning friends and family, and also maybe some not-so-well-meaning friends and family, but your voice must be the loudest. No one knows your dreams or your heart or what your gifts are except YOU. No one else can read your mind but YOU.

3. Let me reiterate that I do believe in a higher power and I believe I should be following His direction. But, when you speak things out loud to the universe and speak positively, the power of your thoughts and your voice will propel you forward. I believe it with all my heart and I have lived that very recently.

When you finally find the courage to decide how your life is going to be, that does something to you. When you declare your intentions, it will not be a coincidence that people will come into your life – even subtly – but they will be resources for you to achieve your dreams and your goals.

4. Understand why you’ve been avoiding the things you’re putting off. Is it a fear that you can’t do it? Is it a fear of embarrassment? Is it a fear of what others will say or think? Is it not a belief in yourself? Identity and understand why you’re avoiding it. Introspection is key.

5. You must let go of unrealistic expectations. Nothing will ever be perfect.

6. Get up! Get busy and start doing it. Get into the driver’s seat and take control. Decide what you want to do and just do it. Plain and simple.

Adventure Comes From Within

Have you been wanting to try out for a team but been too afraid? Maybe you are really wanting to ask someone out on a date but you haven’t yet? Have you been wishing for a career change? Maybe you wish you had a high school or college degree?

Just do it! Quit waiting for life to happen and letting it pass you by. Now is the time, my friend!

This quote by George Elliott is so fitting for this topic.

“Adventure is not on the outside. It’s within.”

Find the courage within yourself to quit sitting on the sidelines.

My challenge to you is to start investigating how to make these changes. Use the list above to start achieving those dreams. YOU are in control of your life, and you are worthy of achieving your dream. If you got any value out of this, please pay it forward. Send it to someone else who needs that boost of confidence and encouragement. We are all worth it!


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