6 Things to Remember When Facing New Beginnings

Season of New Beginnings

Lately I have new beginnings on my mind. Maybe because right now it’s a new week, a new month, and a new season all at the same time. We also just celebrated Easter, which is a holiday of new beginnings in itself.

I have three nieces who are all brand new moms, and another niece due to have a baby in a few weeks. I watch them looking at such a huge change and new beginning in their lives. I watch my son getting ready to graduate high school soon, on the cusp of a new beginning at college. I coached someone today who went back to school and is graduating soon. And my husband and I are on the cusp of being empty nesters. This new beginning and season of life is so exciting for us.

I LOVE new beginnings and the surprise and hope of what they will bring. They’re sort of like a blank sheet of paper that we can write our own story on. Honestly, I used to hate change, so this is coming to you from a person who has learned to be excited about new things. I’ve learned that we must keep in mind that when new beginnings occur, our future can be anything we want it to be.

6 Things to Remember

Here are 6 things that I’ve jotted down that are important to keep in mind when and if you’re on the cusp of a new beginning in your life.

1. Let go of the past. It’s so difficult when you’re starting new to bring the past with you. New beginnings require moving forward and letting go of those roadblocks. Remember that beautiful things grow out of dirt, so you should let go of whatever baggage you’re holding onto and learn from it.

2. Face your fears. Fear is an excellent indicator that you’re on the right track. If you’re starting to feel anxious or fearful about taking that step forward, that’s a good sign that you’re actually on the right track and you should continue moving forward. Don’t let fear hold you back.

3. Watch the stories that you tell yourself. Let me explain this one a little further. We all tell ourselves stories, whether we realize it or not. Here’s one that I could tell myself as I’m looking into my future as an empty nester. I could tell myself the lie that only old people become empty nesters, and I will no longer be useful once I reach that stage of life. Because of that story, I could begin to exhibit the behavior of giving up and coasting through the rest of my life without any purpose. So, watch the stories and lies you tell yourself, because you might start to believe those stories and let them affect your behavior.

4. Endings are necessary. There’s a saying that goes, “The day you were born, you began to die.” That’s pretty deep, but it’s true. Everything comes to an end, but when we face that end, that’s our opportunity to reframe our new beginning.

5. Failures can teach you lessons. They are a bruise, not a permanent tattoo. I love the story Michael Jordan tells. He says that he missed over 9,000 shots in his career, and 26 different times he went up for a game winning shot and missed it, but all of those mistakes led to his success. Think about that for a second. When you’re looking your new beginning in the face, just know that mistakes will come and you will learn from them. We are all perfectly imperfect.

6. New beginnings are a chance for you to be better. Metamorphosis will happen – it’s not just for caterpillars, it’s for you and me, and you can choose what to do in your new beginning to make yourself better. No one has a monopoly on their future. Each one of us has a level playing field. Some may disagree with me on that, but I truly believe that we are ALL on the same level. New beginnings are a clean sheet of paper in your book, so turn that page and begin doing what you want.

Join My Tribe

I’ll leave you with this. If you like to write, then write. If you love to paint and draw, then be an artist. If you love to sing, then sing your song. If you love to cook and bake, then bake your little heart out. If you’re a seamstress, then sew. If you love to take photos, take them everywhere. Find your passion and DO IT. This is YOUR new beginning. It’s a new week, a new month, and a new season.

I lead a fantastic group of women in a Facebook group about confidence. If you’re struggling with confidence or feeling unworthy or not sure what your purpose is, this group is for you. We edify each other, and there’s no hidden agenda. We’re purely there to provide encouragement and support to one another. I’d love for you to join if you’re starting a new beginning and need some extra confidence to help you through it. Leave me a comment below and I’ll add you, or here’s the link to the group:


And as always, if you got any value out of these 6 tips, please share this. Help me pay it forward!


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