5 Ways To Begin Believing In Yourself

Who Do You Believe You Are?

Here’s my question today. Who do you believe you are?

Life is so loud, isn’t it? It’s filled with so many different voices and information and solicitation. How many times do you get phone calls trying to sell you something? It’s filled with confrontation. With viral videos and polarizing news.

Then, on the flip side, it’s filled with our own voices. The voices inside our heads. The voices of doubt, of low self-worth, of fear that come at us. Voices telling us that we’re unworthy. Voices that try to diffuse our dreams.

Take Charge of Your Own Thoughts

It’s time for you and me to take charge of our own thoughts. When we agree with a lie that we have inside of us, we give it credibility. When we believe that lie, we elevate it and make it true. We internalize that lie and we let it become a part of who we are and how we act to the world.

We all have moments in our lives that define us. Let me explain, and then I want you to think about a defining moment in your own life.

A defining moment is an event that becomes a tipping point and determines all subsequent and related occurrences. Maybe a tipping point in your life is when you got married, and it became “we” instead of “me.” Maybe it’s when you graduated or had babies.

My Moment

My moment was when I realized that I wasn’t born to be ordinary. You weren’t either, by the way! None of us are. I was challenged in that defining moment to do some scary things.

I have a very successful direct marketing business. I attended a workshop about 3 years ago that I assumed was going to be something regarding that business, but lo and behold, it wasn’t about my business at all! It was an event to get you to step outside of your comfort zone, to begin believing in yourself, and to do something scary that you knew was inside of you and needed to be brought to the world.

My Dream to Coach

You probably know by now that I’m a teacher by trade. I’ve always had that drive to coach, teach, and edify people. I thought I was doing that in my business, and I am, but I was challenged to think outside that box into the realm of coaching.

I knew that I wanted to create courses and to start writing and blogging and public speaking. I could not get that dream out of my mind. It was such a defining moment for me! It truly lined up with what was already inside of me.

I was so scared to pursue this dream, but here’s what I did. I asked myself these two questions. What is the worst thing that could happen if I do this in addition to what I’m already doing? And also, what’s the best thing that could happen? As soon as I asked myself those questions, the scales tipped and I knew I needed to pursue what that was inside of me.

5 Steps to Believing

Here’s what I began doing to believe in myself. I want you to take note of these things!

Believe It’s Possible

1. I started believing that it was possible. Whatever your “it” is, begin to believe that it’s possible. Anything is possible! I leaned into that dream of course creation and coaching, and I believed it was possible.

I believed that because it was possible, if I started walking in that direction, the path to that success and significance would start creating itself. Of course I’d fall and take detours, because that’s part of life and growing. I didn’t have to know every single step, but I just knew it was possible.


2. I visualized what that thing looked like. I actually made sketches and drew pictures of me coaching, creating courses, writing, speaking, etc. I’m no artist, but I got in on paper! It’s important to visualize because it makes it become that much more real.

Act Like It’s Already Happening

3. I acted as if I was doing it already. I was already a course creator, I was already a coach. I asked myself, how would that person do the things that I’m about to do? What would that person do or say? There’s a saying that goes, “Think like an oak tree, not like an acorn.” How does an oak tree begin? Well, it begins as an acorn, but it thinks like an oak.

Declare It

4. I asked myself, where do I see myself in 5 years when I’m an accomplished coach? I wrote that vision down. I told people about it and declared what my vision was. There’s something about telling people about it that holds us accountable.

Take Action

5. I began taking action. I realized that I could stay stuck with all these dreams inside of me, or I could lean into that. I could run away, or I could run toward! What will it be? What’s inside of you that you can lean towards instead of running away from?

We Are All Made for Greatness

You and I can chase success, titles, and promotions…we can chase all the accolades in the world! But if what you’re doing right now does not make you come alive, then the paycheck and title are going to leave you empty and wanting more.

We all know the kind of person we really are deep down inside. It’s our responsibility to find out who that person is! We were not raised for the ordinary. YES, I want to be grateful and humble and satisfied with what I have. But the truth is, we’re not created to be ho-hum and ordinary, we were created for greatness.

Use Our Gifts

We were all born with a gift, and that gift is to make the world a better place by using what’s inside of us and giving it to the world. We need to nurture the nature that’s inside of us. The true nature inside of us. We must start asking ourselves, what am I supposed to do with that?

If you got any value from this, or if you’re in that stage of not being sure, please reach out to me. I coach people on this. I’m already that coach I said I would be, and I’m here to help you believe in yourself and your dreams as well!



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