5 Habits That Can Slow Down Your Business

Putting My Business Hat On

Today I want to have my business woman hat on for a few minutes. Many of you know that I’m a life, health, and business coach. I want to talk about business today – my business model in general.

I’ve been doing direct marketing for 7 years. I’ve coached a lot of women, and I’ve been the leader of a very large team for that time as well. I’ve seen it all. So today I want to talk about the habits that I see many people start that slow down their business.

I know many of you are also in the direct marketing industry, but maybe in a different business than my own. I want to talk about direct marketing in general and bring value to any of you who are in the same industry. I want to help you succeed in yours just like I want my own team to succeed.

Avoid These Business Slow-Downs

I’ve noticed some behavioral characteristics that, if you find yourself doing too much, will slow down your business. Here are some things to avoid doing.

1. Aim for perfection. You can go above and beyond to perfect yourself, but that will never happen. You’ll just frustrate yourself and be disappointed. Part of our business is failure. Part of life is failure. It’s picking yourself up and starting again. We are all perfectly imperfect – and that includes your business. There’s always room for growth.

2. Chase too many “bright lights.” You’ll be distracted. Here’s what I mean. When you want to listen to every training video out there, or you want to know the comp plan from top to bottom, when you want to have your office in perfect shape…you are chasing bright lights. You’re being distracted from what you really need to be doing. Stop being distracted by the bright objects out there. Just stay focused.

3. Memorize every bit of information you’ve ever received. You can memorize ingredients in products, the comp plan, etc. and it will start to low you down. There’s a saying in my business that says “facts tell, but stories sell.” You can name off every fact, but what people really want to know is what it’s doing for you. Tell them the real life stories. Don’t focus too hard on all the facts.

4. Vomiting on people. I don’t mean literally vomiting, I mean word vomiting. When you want to tell everyone that shows even a slight interest everything about your business or its products. You want to sit everyone down while you give a lengthy dissertation. You cannot do that! You must be yourself and be conversational. Keep it natural.

5. Be a know it all and think you have to have all the answers. Guess what? You don’t! That’s a lesson in life also. You don’t have to have all the answers. It’s helpful to know where to get the answers, but you don’t have to know them all yourself. Show that you’re real.

Be Authentic

So here’s the moral of this story. What you do need to do is just be yourself and market who you are. Be honest and full of integrity and be someone that your customers can come to know, love, and trust.

We must be our authentic selves and market what we do by the way we present ourselves. When people show an interest in what you’re doing or the product you’re representing, simply plug them into a system. Plug them into a video or a blog or a success story from your company.

From there, ask them two questions. What did you like best about what you just saw? And, are you ready to get started? I can help you! That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Don’t do the things I listed above. Keep it simple. Stay authentic. This should apply to ALL direct marketing companies, not just my own.

7 Days of Affirmations

If you’re curious where my confidence comes from, it’s from me being in these businesses for a very long time. Because of that, I want to offer you guidance to help you succeed. Check out my FREE 7 days of affirmations to help boost your confidence too! It’s my gift to you to edify you and help you believe in yourself.

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I hope you got value out of this if you’ve been looking for an extra push in your business. Please pay it forward by sharing this with someone – lift someone else up and offer them some advice that has helped you too!


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