4 Intentional Questions to Ask Yourself for the New Year

Bettering Yourself

It’s almost the New Year! I want to talk to you today about how to set yourself up for an amazing 2019 by asking yourself just four very simple, intentional questions.

I think we’re doing a disservice to ourselves if we do not plan a little bit and ask ourselves some intentional questions before the New Year. If we don’t, we just slide into that New Year and end up doing so many of the things we’ve done previously that just aren’t working.

There’s a reason they call it “new year”…it’s because we’re called to do new things and better ourselves. I’m a behavioral coach, and I work with clients all the time on their behavior. These questions all reflect on your behavior from the last year, and they are really very simple.

Let’s Get Intentional

Let’s get intentional about it and ask ourselves these questions!

1. What did I do this past year that I can really give myself a shout out about? What am I proud of?
2. What mistakes did I make and what did I learn from those mistakes?
3. What do I need to release that I held onto in the previous year?
4. How did I bring value to my world this year? And what can I do to bring even more in 2019?

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What Are You Proud Of?

So let’s break it down now. The first question – what did I do this year that I’m really proud of? Unfortunately, so many of us don’t acknowledge the great things that we do. I was brought up never to brag and to remain humble. I agree with that to an extent, but sometimes we can take that to the extreme and never acknowledge the good things we do.

So I want you to ask yourself – what did you do, say, experience, or create that you’re proud of this year? Don’t be so critical of yourself. Now is your time to shine. Now is the time to be your own biggest cheerleader. I want you to write those things down. We’re more apt to remember it and claim it if we write it down.

Grab your calendar. Look at the places you went throughout the whole year. Look at everything to recall just how awesome you were this year. And if you haven’t kept a calendar, I’m challenging you to start one this year. I want you to look back next December and remember everything you did. So that this time next year you can give yourself that pat on the back!

What Can I Learn From My Mistakes?

The second question you can ask is this – what mistakes did I make this year and what did I learn from them? If you’ve watched any of my videos or read any of my blogs, you know I’ve said it a hundred times – mistakes are your biggest teachers. They can teach you truly priceless things.

If you can set your ego aside and look at those mistakes you’ve made this year, see what you can learn from them. We can always learn from something that did not go our way!

Here’s what’s so important about doing this in December. When we look at our mistakes as they happen, sometimes it’s too raw. We’re too close to the mistake to really see it.

Have you ever looked in a magazine where they have a close-up picture of something and you have to guess what it is? You can’t really tell because it’s so close-up, but when you flip to the back of the magazine to see it zoomed out and the big picture, and it’s like an “aha!” moment. It’s just like that with looking at your mistakes. Distance gives us a better view.

Remember we are all perfectly imperfect – write down those mistakes, and put those tools in your tool belt to change that behavior.

What Do I Need To Release?

The third question to ask is – what was I holding onto this past year that I need to release? What do I need to let go of? Whether it’s a project, or a to-do list, or something else. They may not be relevant anymore now. We’re always refining and evolving into new beings if we let ourselves. If you had a project from last year that you let slip, take a look at it and realize it may not be relevant anymore and just let it go.

Here’s where the behavioral coach inside of me comes in – so many of the things that we need to release are on the inside. I call it an inside job. Maybe it’s bitterness, a fear, the idea that you have to be perfect, unworthiness, hurt…ask yourself questions like that. What do I need to release that isn’t serving me? Be ready to let them go in the new year!

This year is going to be awesome for you! I want you to live a life that you know without a doubt that your world is rigged in your favor. Let go of these disempowering thoughts.

How Did I Bring Value?

The last question you must ask yourself is – what did I do this past year that brought value to my world? And what can I do even more of this year? Is it volunteering? Is it donating your time, talent, or money in some form or fashion? Is it chasing a cause that is near and dear to your heart?

I’ve been thinking about this one a lot. I don’t want to be that person who sets a goal in January and it doesn’t happen. Write it down! Bring value to yourself and to others in the New Year.

We Are All A Work In Progress

Ask yourself these questions now. Be intentional. You don’t want January 1st to come and go without a plan. The world needs you to be intentional and refine yourself. We are all a work in progress.

If you got any value out of this, or if you know someone who is talking about their goals for the new year…please share this with them. These are 4 thought-provoking questions that can help anyone out. The world would be a much better place if we all worked on paying it forward and sharing the wisdom we learn with one another.

What I really want from you, too, is…please comment and give me your answer to one of these questions! Let me know what you’re proud of yourself for from this year. Tell me what you’ve learned. Tell me how you’ve brought value. Give yourself a pat on the back – and writing it down will make you remember it! Happy New Year, friends!


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