3 Benefits to Thinking Big

The Future Is Yours!

There’s just nothing like having conversations with college kids that are on the cusp of stepping out into the “real world,” is there? You get to take a step back in time and recall what it was like to know that the future is “yours for the taking!”

Recently, my twin sons and I were discussing their next steps as they walk into their last year of college, internship, and beyond. The topic of “thinking big” is one that’s spoken about a lot among the three of us. It’s probably the life and business coach in me coming out, but they’ll often hear me say things like “you were made for greatness,” “believe in possibilities,” “step out of your comfort zone,” and “don’t settle for mediocrity!”

I encourage them to never underestimate the power of their thoughts and dreams and to make them BIG! I’ll remind them that often times small thinking won’t get them very far, but big thinking will!

Sometimes Small Is Ok

Let me clarify. YES, sometimes “small” is good. Such as:
• Taking small steps to get to your big goals is wise.
• Small problems are better than big ones.
• Sometimes the small box under the Christmas tree is better than the big one.
• You can have a small chuckle or a big cry.

For the sake of this blog, when it comes to believing in yourself and what the future holds, bigger is always better.

Fear Is The Culprit

None of us knows our limits until we think big and aim for better! I think of the Founding Fathers of the American revolution…they thought BIG! The inventor of the wheel …BIG thinking! The inventor of the printing press, Johannes Gutenberg…another BIG thinker. The earth was thought to be flat, and sailors feared falling off the side of the earth, but not Christopher Columbus and his sailing comrades…they thought BIG and set sail in pursuit of new land!

Fear of failure or inadequacy are often the culprits that keep people from making big goals. We have to remember that what looks impossible now is often possible later. We need to override and fight our way past these feelings of resistance!

Benefits of “Big” Thinking

1. Your Confidence and Belief in Grows

Belief is being “sure of something.” As you think big, you begin to believe.
• You begin to believe in things that are not yet true.
• You believe in things despite the current evidence.
• You believe in the possibility!

2. We Challenge Our Brain by Recreating our Identity

Our identity is created around the things we’ve already achieved and where we’re currently operating from – in other words, our “comfort zone.”

When we create a new identity, one that is uncertain, our brain gets nervous. One of our brain’s jobs is to keep us comfortable, not to ask more of ourselves, and to stay happy by never challenging us. Simply put, our brain wants us to “hunker down” and stay comfortable.

When we think big we begin to demand more of ourselves!

3. Dreaming Big Helps Us to Enjoy the Here and Now

Hurrying, running helter-skelter, and chasing quick wins can be exhausting and can be the “kiss of death” to enjoying the present!

When you think big, you can enjoy the “now” while keeping your eye on the future.

4. Promotes Creative Thinking

Short-term dreams (which aren’t necessarily bad!) require:
• Tactics
• Strategies
• How-to’s
• Copying what others have done.

Big dreams require:
• Creative thinking
• Stretching of your mind

Must-Have’s of Big Thinkers

1. Belief

The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. A big thinker must think success and not failure. “I am what I believe I am” is your mindset.

2. A “No Excuses” Right Attitude

Big thinkers see reasons why they can succeed instead of why they can’t. They realize that there will be bumps in the road, but they’re ready for them.

The right attitude and one arm are better than the wrong attitude and two arms!

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3. Be an Action Taker

Action is the antidote to fear. Indecision delays and even feeds fear. Big Dreamers take action when the time is right!

Some Closing Thoughts

Here’s a favorite quote of mine:

“If you think small, your world will be small.
If you think big, your world will be big.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Have you given up on your dreams and waved the white flag? Have you settled for thinking small instead of thinking big?

The sky is the limit so Think Big!

You and I are exceptional, and we were created for greatness.


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