12 Truths to Remember When People Don’t Get You

Does Your Tribe Get You?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationships lately. Do you have a tribe who just “gets” you? Or, on the contrary, are there people in your circle who just don’t? It’s painful, isn’t it, when people don’t understand us? I’ve come up with 12 truths to remember when people don’t seem to “get” you.

Two times this past week, I’ve talked to people who were really upset about someone in their world not getting them, not supporting them, and how they were really hurt by that. This is not an uncommon thing in my coaching business, but more so in my direct marketing business, it’s definitely not unusual for those we love not to support us.

So I came up with some things to remember when that happens. Some are no brainers, but I do believe it’s important for us to be reminded. When we’re in the thick of things, it’s what’s between our ears that can be our own worst enemy.

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Not Everyone Understands You

1. Just remember that not everyone is going to like you, understand you, or support you, and it has nothing to do with your likeability. It’s human nature to want to be liked, but it’s ok if you just don’t mesh with everyone.

Don’t Try To Please Everybody

2. Your calling in this earth is not to please everyone or to be understood by everyone. There are 6 billion people in this world. Can you imagine how exhausting that would be? Remember, if you’re fretting over one or two people, they’re included in that huge population in which your calling isn’t to please. Step aside and remember that’s not your purpose.

Live For Yourself

3. Live your life for yourself and not for others. Notice I didn’t say, don’t help people, don’t feed your family, or don’t be there for your loved ones. NO! I said don’t live FOR them. Live is an action word. It means you’re living your life for yourself and not for anyone else.

We’re All Different

4. As hard as it is to accept this, sometimes people just aren’t going to get you, so you have to flock to people who will. Each person is different. We have different personalities, different skill sets, different talents and gifts…we’re all different. That’s what makes the world go round.

If we surrender to this and go in the direction of people who will get us, it will make our lives easier and give us more peace. The world is made up of many different personalities. As soon as you let go of the need to make sure someone gets you, you’ll be on the right track.


5. We should all be unapologetically who we are and shine. That will attract people to us! Can you imagine if we all lived by having to apologize for everything we do? Why should we feel the need to constantly apologize? Just DON’T.

Make Space For Those Who Do

6. Walking away from people who don’t get you creates a space for people who do get you to come in. There’s only so much space in our world. You can be friendly to anyone, but there’s only so much space to really let people in to your inner circle. Walk away from those unsupportive folks in your circle. Make room for those who do.

You Are Worthy

7. You do not need to convince anyone of your worth. Never, ever, anyone. You ARE worthy. There is a reason why you’re here on this earth. You do not have to convince anyone about what that is, because you are worthy.


8. Just because people don’t get you doesn’t mean they don’t respect you. Think of someone you may not “get” but you still respect. You may not understand their personality, but you still respect them and their point of view.

Don’t Apologize

9. Don’t apologize for who you are to anyone, ever. Let me explain this. It’s different from number 5. You can apologize for something you’ve done or said. But never, ever apologize for being human. For mistakes you make. For your personality. We all make mistakes!

Celebrate You

10. Own your uniqueness! Be quirky and unique. Celebrate you! You are YOU, so own it, and don’t put a lid on your uniqueness and your personality. Let it shine, girl.

Play Big

11. It’s decision time – you can play small and put a lid on your uniqueness, or you can play BIG and take the lid off. You have one life. Is it a fleeting life? YES! So don’t take anything for granted.

State Your Case

12. Sometimes you have to do the obvious to those who don’t understand you. State your case to that person so they do understand. People aren’t mind readers. Tell them what you believe in, what you’re passionate about, what you value.

Put it on the table to make it evident to them, and walk away. Sleep well that night after you do it and know that you did explain yourself, be proud of your reasons, and put the ball in their court.

The Truth Is…

The truth is, we all want to be accepted by everyone, but it just won’t always happen. Sometimes not everyone “gets” you, and it’s ok! I hope these 12 truths help you be a little more at ease with that understanding.

If you know anyone struggling with the confidence of trying to be accepted, please share this with them! Pay it forward! And, on the contrary, please keep these truths in mind if there’s someone in your circle who you don’t quite “get” too. Try to understand them. And at the very least, just respect them and be KIND!


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